For Refugees

Kiron Open Higher Education Uses tt knowledge force

Heidelberg (GER), May 2016 - Refugees have a hard time getting access to higher education. They have to wait for their right of residence to be determined, and their documents often go missing during flight. Berlin’s Kiron Open Higher Education wants to provide a remedy to this situation and is enabling displaced people from around the world to pursue a course of study right through to a recognized degree qualification - free of cost. Participants complete online foundation courses over two years while learning German. 


Case Study

Video Assignments that Assess More than Knowledge

New York, NY (USA), April 2016 - Today's students are expected to know more than just facts; being able to communicate that information is just as important. How can their instructors evaluate both knowledge and skills simultaneously without increasing their own workloads?


All Online

Students Invent First Device to Monitor Wine Maturation

Paris (F), April 2016 - The first portable device to monitor wine as it matures has been developed by a team of students from Université Paris-Saclay. The students adapted blood-analysis technology invented by biotech start-up Archimej Technology into a unique device allowing real-time control of wine quality, eliminating the huge financial costs and vast quantities of wine that are lost from biological phenomena.


Royal Marsden School

Free eLearning to Support Cancer Care in the Community

Plymouth (UK), March 2016 - A free eLearning programme is being launched to help health and social care workers broaden their knowledge of cancer care in the community. The Royal Marsden School, which has a national and international reputation for excellence in cancer education, has commissioned eLearning provider Sponge UK to create the new healthcare training. 



A Great Variety of MOOCs

Brussels (BE), March 2016 - EMMA is a thirty-month pilot action supported by the European Union. EMMA offers free, open, online courses in multiple languages (e.g. English, Spanish, Italian, Catalan, Estonian, Dutch, French, and Portuguese) from various European universities to help preserve Europe's rich cultural, educational, and linguistic heritage and to promote cross-cultural and multi-lingual learning. Becoming an EMMA student is easy: Once you've registered, find the MOOC that interests you, click on the "enrol" button, and start learning! » MORE

Video Plattform

University of Edinburgh Puts Video at the Heart of Learning

London (UK) / New York, NY (USA), November 2015 - Kaltura, a leading video-technology provider, has announced that the University of Edinburgh, which is consistently ranked in the top fifty universities worldwide, has selected the Kaltura video platform for a new Media Asset Management service. Edinburgh is currently piloting the centralized platform with plans to go live University wide by the start of the 2016 academic year. » MORE

MindTap Mobile

On-the-Go Students Stay Organized

Boston, MA (USA), September 2015 - Cengage Learning has launched the availability of the iOS and Android-compatible MindTap Mobile app. Developed based on student feedback, MindTap Mobile allows students to access many features of Cengage Learning's highly successful MindTap eLearning platform directly from their smartphones anytime, anywhere. » MORE

Learning Needs

Blackboard Acquires X-Ray Analytics

Washington, DC (USA), July 2015 - Blackboard has announced the acquisition of X-Ray Analytics, a research-based, predictive analytics technology that helps instructors and organisations meet the learning needs of their students. The technology will first be integrated into Moodlerooms and Enterprise Moodle, Blackboard's services and solutions to institutions and organisations that leverage Moodle, one of the most widely used learning-management systems (LMSs) in the world. » MORE

Case Study

Four Years of Dutch Experience with MOOCs

Wilfred RubensHeerlen (NL), November 2014 - Learner participation in Massive Open Online Courses is a subject of research in many universities worldwide. What type of motivation results in continued participation? What are the most popular learning activities and most important pedagogical elements? Wilfred Rubens works as a project leader and eLearning consultant at the Welten Institute of the Open University in the Netherlands. He will present his MOOC case study at ONLINE EDUCA Berlin on 04 December 2014 in the session "MOOCs: The Ultimate Starter's Guide" from 14:30 to 16:00. » MORE

CampusNet Cloud

Campus Management Expands Cloud Offering

Boca Raton, FL (USA), October 2014 - Campus Management Corp., a provider of enterprise software products and services for higher education, has announced the expansion of its CampusNetSM Cloud service to include a new enterprise-level offering. CampusNet Cloud leverages Campus Management's experience and understanding of the challenges enterprises face hosting software on premises in terms of overall expense, hardware, and staffing, as well as the challenges of utilizing software-as-a-service (SaaS) models. » MORE

QA's IT Programmes

Effective Routes into Tech Careers Changes

London (UK), September 2014 - In the lead-up to A Level results day 2014, a top apprenticeship firm has reported that applications from young people who have chosen not to attend university in pursuit of an IT career are at an all-time high. QA Apprenticeships, a leading IT apprenticeships business, recently published statistics showing a 108% increase in demand for IT apprenticeships from school leavers seeking an effective route into tech careers outside the traditional university programmes. » MORE

For Cambridge Alumni

Judge Business School Launches Lifelong Electives

Cambridge (UK), August 2014 - The Cambridge Executive MBA has announced that it will offer lifelong learning to its graduates through a new annual electives initiative. After graduation from the eighteen-month programme offered by the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, alumni can now return annually to update their knowledge and skills throughout their career. » MORE

Service Contracts

Portable Electronics Present Financial Risks

Tallahassee, FL (USA), August 2014 - Half of America's population now have a tablet computer or e-reader, with college students a significant part of this growing trend, according to a survey released earlier this year by Pew Research Center. These students can't afford to be without their electronic devices, and through coverage provided by service contracts, they can protect their pricey electronics from the drops, spills, and other mishaps that campus life routinely throws their way. » MORE

Stanford University

Videogame Prepares Students to Learn about Statistics

Stanford, CA (USA), June 2014 - (by Tanner Vea) Dylan Arena and Daniel Schwartz adapted the videogame Space Invaders to help teach statistics. A new study by Daniel Schwartz and Dylan Arena shows how games can prepare students to learn in formal environments, such as school. » MORE

Education for Physicians

Eisai Helps Address Gaps

EisaiWoodcliff Lake, NJ (USA), May 2014 - Eisai Inc. has announced the launch of a website that will provide physicians with access to comprehensive clinical information that addresses obesity screening and risk assessment, provider-patient partnerships, and weight-loss management. The website, called the Obesity Education Network (OEN), was developed under the guidance of a group of weight-management experts and will be updated on quarterly basis. » MORE