eLearning Guide 2016

The Current Trends and Future of eLearning

London (UK), January 2016 - Following the success of its Unconscious Bias whitepaper, Marshall eLearning is making a follow-up resource available: The Guide to eLearning in 2016. In this eLearning guide, L&D professionals will find everything needed to understand current best practice, how eLearning can be used to improve the performance of staff with an organisation, and strategies for planning training and development programmes.

The range of expertise and disciplines that eLearning companies have in their toolkit, including designers, developers, industry knowledge, translation facilities, instructional designers, and project managers, means that in terms of scales of economy, a dedicated eLearning supplier is a valuable and cost-effective proposition. 

For those creating their own eLearning courses but not seeing the results hoped for, Marshall eLearning has created an eLearning guide.