Knowledge Management

U&I Learning wins contract with Infrabel

Ghent (BE), May 2008 - U&I Learning, the knowledge transfer company with branches in Belgium, the Netherlands and France, has won an important government contract with Infrabel. Infrabel is responsible for the daily exploitation and the infrastructure of the Belgian railways.

U&I Learning will introduce an information standard and the technology to rewrite in a consistent way thousands of documents about regulations. This will improve the internal knowledge transfer at Infrabel.

During the development of readable, well-structured and maintainable documents Infrabel will use two applications of U&I Learning which perfectly solve the knowledge issue: Information Mapping® and Outstart Evolution® LCMS.

Information Mapping®

Information Mapping® is an international information standard that is used to analyse, structure and present information. Information Mapping® allows you to rewrite unstructured texts into readable and understandable documentation. The content can be reused in different documents and contexts. Documentation of companies who use Information Mapping® is more concise, more accurate and more purposeful.

The challenge for Infrabel is to efficiently and coherently translate international railway standards into specific Belgian railway regulations, design rules, work instructions and training materials.

Outstart Evolution® LCMS

Outstart Evolution® LCMS is a Learning Content Management System that supports the Information Mapping® writing method. It allows multiple authors to produce and maintain content at the same time. The content can be reused at the level of paragraphs. Then the LCMS converts the content into the most appropriate format for the group it is aimed at. Outstart Evolution® supports many formats, among others: HTML, PowerPoint, Online Help and XML.

This system allows Infrabel to develop the most suitable support for meeting the information needs of employees. For instance, Infrabel will provide eLearning modules to train its technicians in the newest cabin technology or to practise specific safety regulations for Traffic Control operators. A significant advantage of this system is that any changes are consequentially implemented in all data carriers in both vernacular languages.

Three million Euros investment for Infrabel employees

The contract between Infrabel and U&I Learning represents a total investment of three million Euros, spread over the next three years. This project shows that Infrabel wants to invest permanently in new technologies for the benefit of its employees. Infrabel employs around 12,500 people who are the driving force behind Infrabel's daily activities as manager of the Belgian railway infrastructure. The information standard simplifies the daily activities of Infrabel employees who aim at optimal safety and regularity in all domains of the Belgian railway network.