Schwarzenegger's Demand for Free Student Textbooks

Frederiksberg (DK), September 2009 - Arnold Schwarzenegger has demanded that California cut costs on textbooks. is obeying the "Govenator" and is now launching a 100% free online textbook service for college and university students in the USA. is a Danish book-publishing house that has specialized in free textbooks for students since 2005 and counts more than twenty million downloaded books a year. provides a comprehensive series of free textbooks targeted at college and university students in the U.S. These books are available for download in PDF format free of charge, and no registration is required. It is a 100% free service. The books are financed through a low number of HR ads inside each book placed by potential employers.

The digital format of the books makes them constantly available through, and the books are always up to date as it easy to update a digital textbook than the paper version. All books are written by university professors.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has seen the clear and present potential for saving costs on textbooks. has built a model that brings savings to the university students by not having to pay for books, while's authors are still getting paid through the financing concept, which stipulates a maximum of fifteen percent of the content of each e-book. The advertisements are recruitment related, and there are subject to high ethical standards.

The textbooks cover a wide range of topics in the areas of natural science, business, economics, management, IT, etc.