Online Educa Berlin 2009

A Highly Successful eLearning Conference

Berlin (GER), December 2009 - 2,078 delegates from 92 countries convened at this year's Online Educa Berlin, the largest global eLearning conference for the corporate, education and public service sectors. From December 2nd - 4th, the participants discussed the latest developments and trends in the field of technology-supported learning and training at Hotel InterContinental in Berlin.

Workplace learning in times of global financial restructuring was one of this year's crucial topics. Numerous sessions presented innovative ideas and best practice solutions on how e-learning can be embedded in the workplace efficiently and cost-effectively. Other core themes of the conference included mobile learning, the impact of brain science on learning, Open-Source solutions, the potential of educational games and next-generation learning strategies.

A heated and animated discussion about the pitfalls and opportunities offered by the Social Web unfolded among four outspoken and engaging speakers at The Online Educa Debate. Media critic Dr Aric Sigman and Independent journalist Bruce Anderson argued their case with the opposing party: hard-core technology advocates Donald Clark and Jerry Michalski. The audience's final vote revealed a marginal majority as pro-media.

More than 400 speakers from 38 countries shared their knowledge and experiences in 85 parallel sessions, as well as forums, workshops, seminars, plenaries and The Online Educa Debate. Online Educa Berlin was accompanied by an extensive exhibition area, with 104 exhibitors from 20 countries, showcasing the latest eLearning products and services.

The next Online Educa Berlin will take place from December 1 - 3, 2010 at the Hotel InterContinental in Berlin.