OEB 2016

Shaping the Future of Learning

OEB 2016Berlin (GER), December 2016  - (by Andreas von Oertzen) ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN’s banner is "Shaping the Future of Learning". This year’s event (OEB 2016), entitled "Own Your Own Learning", marked the twenty-second edition of the international conference on technology-supported learning and training for the corporate, education, and public sectors.


"Quite Simply Extraordinary"

Charity Learning Award Winners 2016

London (UK), November 2016 - The winners of the Charity Learning Awards 2016 are proof that little or no budget is no barrier to delivering innovative eLearning. Most of the winners had no resources to speak of, but came up with award-winning solutions to the business challenges they faced. Their stories of success are an inspiration to all organisations, not just fellow charities.


Worlddidac Association

Speexx Wins Worlddidac for Its "Perfect Blend"

Munich (GER), November 2016 - Speexx, a leading online language-training provider, has been honoured by the Worlddidac Association for the sixth consecutive time for innovative solutions in the Blended Learning category. The award ceremony, sponsored by telecommunications provider Swisscom, took place in Bern, Switzerland. 


Gamification World Congress

International Award for Gamification Nation

Andrzej Marczewski and An CoppensMadrid (E)/London (UK), November 2016 - At the Gamification World Congress, Gamification Nation’s recent recruit, Andrzej Marczewski, won the prestigious "Contribution to the Industry" Award. The Gamification World Congress was held in Madrid, Spain, at the end of October.


Lensky Education Forum

Siberia is Melting for Open Education

YakutskYakutsk (RU), October 2016 - This year, Siberia has experienced unique progress. In Yakutsk, the capital of the Republic of Sakha (formerly called Yakutia) and the only city worldwide built on permafrost, the government launched a hot season, and the Lensky Education Forum, which took place in August 2016, heated up the debate about open education. (The Lensky District is one of 34 administrative and municipal districts in the Sakha Republic, Russia.)


Learning Professionals

Hangout Connects Global Learning Community

Plymouth (UK), August 2016 - A four-day online event on how to use learning technologies to innovate, integrate and inspire in the workplace brought together over 250 delegates and 25 learning experts. The Big Sponge Hangout, hosted by award-winning eLearning company Sponge UK, took place 18-21 July 2016.



MOOCs Are Dead! - Long Live MOOCs

Brussels (BE), August 2016 - "MOOCs Are Dead! – Long Live MOOCs" is the title of the presentation of Dr. Christian M. Stracke, researcher in open education and innovation at the Welten Institute of the Open University of the Netherlands, at the 2016 edition of the annual European Distance and eLearning Network (EDEN) conference. Stracke advocates a shift of focus when discussing MOOCs. He also stresses the importance of a common Quality Reference Framework (QRF) to guide the design and development of MOOCs as well as other open online courses.


How to Be a Destination

Tips for a Successful Online Training Program

Madison, WI (USA), June 2016 - When the Schallert Group launched Destination University®, a program to help small towns, communities, and businesses learn how to be a destination, Jon Schallert traveled across the U.S. and Canada doing in-person training in over 500 downtowns, towns, and cities. Demand for this training became so popular his clients challenged him to develop an online program so they could have anytime, anywhere access to his knowledge and expertise. In reply, he gave a live Webinar on 21 June at 11:00 a.m. Central Daylight Savings Time.


eLearning Africa

Impatient Africans "Not Going to Wait until 2063"

Cairo (EGY), June 2016 - There was a mood of impatience among the ministers, businesspeople, and education experts attending this year's eLearning Africa conference in Cairo. Aware of the opportunity offered by information and communication technologies to spread education, training, and access to information throughout Africa, many have started to feel that 2063, the date the African Union has set for the realisation of its vision of a "transformed Continent", may be too long to wait. They want Africans, and particularly young people, to feel the benefits that the combination of technology and education can bring within the next ten years.



Fourth Edition of HackForGood Celebrated in Spain

Barcelona (E), May 2016 - HackForGood is an event structured around challenges or social innovation projects called "Retos" (challenges). Any individual or association that detects a social problem that can be solved by the use of technology can propose a challenge and will receive the necessary help to find a group of hackers to work on the initiative during the Hackathon.


Global User Conference

Talent-Management Leaders Converged in Boston

Rocky Hill, CT (USA), April 2016 - The NetDimensions global user conference took place at the Hyatt Regency Boston, 13-15 April. The agenda featured an impressive lineup of industry leaders and client presenters, as well as hands-on training sessions.


Creative Company Approach

Excellence in Business Training Award for Sponge UK

SpongePlymouth (UK), February 2016 - Sponge UK , a provider of custom-made eLearning, has come out top in the category of "Outstanding Commitment to Training" for a medium-size business at the "Excellence in Business Training Awards 2016", hosted by Cornwall College Business. » MORE

OEB 2015

Accelerating the Shift

Berlin (GER), December 2015 - (by Andreas von Oertzen) OEB 2015, the 21st edition of Berlin's landmark international conference on technology-enhanced learning and training for the corporate, education, and public sectors, bore the title "Accelerating the Shift". In fact, the event saw some of the demands to accelerate the shift presented with great vehemence from the very beginning. They ranged from relatively well-known points such as true end-to-end connections and the right mix of peer-to-peer and top-down learning, to a concrete vision for change, improved scalability, and more influence for learning experts in the role of consultants. » MORE

Inspirational Stories

The Charity Learning Superstars 2015

London (UK), December 2015 - The winners of the Charity Learning Awards 2015 have been announced, with inspirational stories of creating resources with little or no budget and a clever use of blended resources catching the judges' eyes. Read on to find out who is celebrating! » MORE