Adaptive learning

World Premiere at LEARNTEC: Area9 Lyceum and "AI at Its Best"

Andreas KambachLeipzig, May 2024 -The personalized adaptive-learning specialists Area9 Lyceum can claim to have significantly advanced adaptive learning on a large scale for twenty years. With Area9 Mindflow™, the company wants to amaze the professional world. "Your jaw will drop when you experience the future possibilities in the learning process generative AI avails" smiles Andreas Kambach, Managing Director of Area9 Lyceum GmbH. Kambach is looking forward to having the company’s founder and CEO, Ulrik Juul Christensen, come to Karlsruhe to announce the world premiere.


First Major Brand

ExitCertified Will Now Deliver NVIDIA Generative AI Certified Training

San Francisco, CA (USA), May 2024 - ExitCertified is excited to announce that it will now deliver NVIDIA Generative AI certified training. ExitCertified joined the NVIDIA Partner Network earlier in 2024 and is now expanding its offerings with two new certifications: NVIDIA Certified Generative AI LLMs and NVIDIA Certified Generative AI Multimodal.



Cyberify Launches Innovative Next Generation Cybersecurity Services

New York, NY (USA), May 2024 - Cyberify, a pioneering cybersecurity services company, has announced the launch of its comprehensive suite of next-generation cybersecurity services and technologies. As the digital landscape evolves, Cyberify is dedicated to ensuring that organizations are well prepared and equipped to meet the challenges of modern cyber threats.


Data Literacy

Helping Data Get a Jump on Things with Gamified Learning

Isabelle KranabetterBerlin/Karlsruhe, May 2024 - "Data culture is the breeding ground in which an organization’s data literacy and business strategy can grow together. By having a strong data culture, an organization creates the environment in which the technologies used - and the data literacy of individual employees - can unfold their full effect," contends Isabelle Kranabetter. Kranabetter, the founder of Port of Ports, a new-generation consultancy and creative ‘think-and-do’ factory specializing in data culture, will address the topic of "Gamified Learning in the Data Context: Building Data Culture and Data Literacy Jointly" at the LEARNTEC Congress, 04 June at 16.30.


All-in-One Platform

Interplay Learning Launches New Enterprise Career Development Platform

Austin, TX (USA), May 2024 - Interplay Learning, a leading provider of immersive skilled trades training, has announced the launch of Interplay Enterprise. Shaped by customer insights, this immersive career development platform introduces exciting new features designed to help enterprises elevate the skills of their entire workforce, streamline operations, and improve retention.


New Standards

"Technology Is the Means to an End in Hybrid Learning Situations"

Inga GeislerOverath/Karlsruhe, May 2024 - Trainers have already developed a variety of methods for both onsite and live online training and feel comfortable in "both worlds". However, hybrid training and workshops are viewed as the new standard. This presents everyone involved with novel challenges in terms of communication, interaction, technology, tools, and motivation. The presentation "Turning 2 into 1 - Designing Hybrid Learning Worlds" will deal with the central question of how to create a learning world in which both online and face-to-face participants feel integrated and goals are achieved communally.


Founder and CEO of GuyKat

Guy McEvoy Continues as Midlands Export Champion for Third Year

Birmingham (UK), May 2024 - Guy McEvoy’s dedication to fostering international trade has once again been recognised: He continues his role as Midlands Export Champion for 2024, the third consecutive year, marking him again as a prominent figure within the Midlands Export Champion Community.



Speexx Honored as the Leading Technology-Innovation HR Service Company

Munich (GER), May 2024 - Speexx, a leading people development platform, has secured the esteemed "Technology Innovation HR Service Company" award in Shanghai, China. This honor represents a significant achievement in Speexx's ongoing global pursuit of excellence and innovation in the people development sector.


Virtual Learning Environment

Avatars in a Distance Learning Seminar

Dr. Mirjam Merkel-KissDarmstadt/Karlsruhe, May 2024 - The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research project AVLAB2 works with several partners to investigate the social and didactic benefits of deploying virtual learning environments. In the context of the project, the sociologist Dr. Mirjam Merkel-Kiss conducted an exploratory study into communicative behavior in virtual worlds. Her presentation about the work will take place at the LEARNTEC Congress, 06 June at 10:45.


Domoscio Acquisition

Rise Up Elevates Personalised Learning Capabilities

Paris (F), May 2024 - Rise Up, one of Europe's leading integrated learning solutions - with more than five million active learners globally - has announced its strategic acquisition of Domoscio, a French expert in adaptive learning. This acquisition is set to significantly shake up the learning and HR tech landscape.



How Skills Intelligence Drives Business Performance

Raleigh, NC (USA), May 2024 - In our rapidly changing world, the traditional approach to skill development - based on role and hierarchy - must evolve. The key to driving business performance is a skills-based talent strategy, but changing your talent strategy isn't easy.


Call for Proposals

OEB 2024 - Shaping the Future of Learning

Berlin (Ger), May 2024 - Every year, OEB pushes the boundaries of edtech and learning technology by fostering dialogue and collaboration among high-level decision makers from the education, business, and government sectors. The Call for Proposals for this year’s conference is open until 31 May.


USDLA Webinar

Teaching with AI - Generating New Ideas

Washington, DC (USA), May 2024 - Join us for the webinar Teaching with AI: Squelching Fears, Saving Time, and Generating New Ideas, 17 May, 13.00-14.00, ET. In this session, USDLA will explore how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing education by addressing some of the most common concerns, streamlining tasks, and sparking creativity in developing content and student engagement.