LearningOps Framework

Rise Up Empowers Teams to Do Their Best Work Every Day

London (UK), November 2022 - Rise Up, a fast-growing European employee learning software solution, has unveiled its new Own Today purpose, alongside a new framework to drive organizational transformation and enable learning to work at business speed: LearningOpsTM. Rise Up empowers all team members to do their best work every day and offers organizations a new way to stay "up to skill" each day.
World Robotics Report 2022

Half a Million Robots Installed in One Year

Frankfurt am Main (GER), October 2022 - The International Federation of Robotics’ new World Robotics Report shows an all-time high of 517,385 new industrial robots installed in 2021 in factories around the world. This represents a growth rate of 31% year-on-year and exceeds the pre-pandemic record of robot installation in 2018 by 22%. The stock of operational robots around the globe has now hit a new record of about 3.5 million units.
Learning in the Flow of Work

THRIVE Partners with Microlearning App Blinkist

Nottingham (UK), September 2022 - The partnership is the deepest learning solution integration to date for Blinkist and will enable THRIVE to strengthen their commitment to modern consumer-grade learning.
Ten Years of Verizon

Verizon Is Helping to Close the Digital Divide in Education

New York, NY (USA), July 2022 - As a longstanding partner of Global Citizen, Verizon has demonstrated its commitment to demanding equity for many years - both on and off the festival stage. A core pillar of Verizon's approach to responsible business is ensuring digital inclusion for all. By 2030, the company aims to provide digital skills training to 10 million youth.
Worldwide Presence

Online Assessment and Benchmarking Tool for Geoscientists

Dunfermline (SCT), July 2022 - A UK-developed online self-assessment tool that benchmarks individuals' skills and identifies skills gaps within the international operational geoscience community is establishing a worldwide presence within nine months of its launch.
A New Microsoft Teams App

Rise Up Launches Training Solution Personalized with AI

Paris (F), June 2022 - With full integration into Microsoft Teams, Rise Up places training at the center of employees' daily lives, at the heart of their workflow, without sacrificing the training experience. Learners can assess themselves, having access to their certificates at an adapted and personalized pace. In this process, they are assisted by LIA, a virtual training coach, within their own flow of work.
Visual Variety

Simpleshow Adds New Style to Its AI-Powered Digitisation Tool

London (UK), May 2022 - Simpleshow, a market leader for professional explainer videos, will feature its cutting edge learning technology, simpleshow Video Maker, at Learning Technologies 2022. An intelligent new illustration style is the latest enhancement for its AI-powered digitisation tool, enabling enterprise users all over the world to create videos with a distinctive corporate look at the touch of a button.

New Vision - to Be the Only Complete Learning and Skills Platform

Nottingham (UK), May 2022 - In an open letter, THRIVE CEO, Sean Reddington, announced a new vision for the future of the innovative learning technology company; one which enables a consolidated approach to upskilling, learning, communications, and collaborative knowledge sharing in what he says will create a truly holistic view for agile L&D teams, modern businesses, and the people powering them.