Free eLearning Course

Empathy and Kindness at Work

London (UK), November 2023 - Marshall E-Learning Consultancy, a leading UK-based eLearning provider, has announced its free course, entitled Empathy and Kindness at Work eLearning. The course is designed to inform learners on the advantages of empathy and kindness across a workplace environment and their personal value in fostering a collaborative, productive, and positive culture for all employees.


Strategic Priorities

The New 2023 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Talent and People Success

London (UK), November 2023 - Fosway Group, one of Europe's renowned HR industry analysts, has released its latest 9-Grid™ for Talent and People Success. The research shows that the market is resilient and forward looking, while still focused on continued AI-related innovation across both suites and specialists, as well as experiencing an ongoing trend of consolidation.


Collaborative Effort

Cutting-Edge Masterclass Empowers L&D Leaders

London (UK), November 2023 - The LPI, Talent and Leadership Club, and Future Talent Learning, have partnered to launch an innovative certified masterclass to empower and upskill learning and development (L&D) leaders with cutting-edge strategies and peer networking toward strengthening their expertise and enriching organisational learning culture.


OpenAI's GPT4

Learning Pool Launches "AI Conversations"

Derry (XI), October 2023 - Learning Pool, a leading global provider of workplace learning solutions, has announced the launch of AI Conversations, a generative AI offering that allows employees to practice challenging workplace conversations with an AI-generated character.


Next-Gen Training

How AI is Reshaping Corporate Learning through Videos

Telangana (IN), October 2023 - In today's rapidly evolving landscape, video-based learning (VBL) has transcended from being a novelty to becoming the new normal. Being one of the most preferred mediums for L&D professionals, VBL is reshaping how we support microlearning, engage with Gen Z, and offer flexible mobile learning options for employees.


Success Story

How Content + Cloud Is Adopting a Learning Culture

London (UK), October 2023 - In order to remain at the forefront through important skills training, Content + Cloud is adopting a learning culture to upskill their employees in a demanding digital marketplace using LinkedIn Learning.


Open eLMS

From Text Prompt to eLearning Magic

Emil Reisser-WestonLondon (UK), September 2023 - (by Emil Reisser-Weston, MSc MEng from Open eLMS) In exploring the utilization of AI to convert text prompts into comprehensive eLearning content, Open eLMS AI is using a generalised AI knowledge base (either trained with company documentation or the standard data from Chat GPT) to introduce a tool capable of generating eLearning courses on various subjects based on text prompts.



One Centralised Solution Helped the City of Helsinki

Helsinki (FI), August 2023 - The City of Helsinki is the largest employer in Finland, with 38,000 employees. The guiding principle of the City Strategy is that Helsinki is a place of growth. Therefore, Helsinki aims to be an attractive employer offering various exciting career opportunities, and the city encourages continuous learning work rotation and the development of diverse career paths. Consequently, there is an increasing need for ongoing skills development on the job.


Automobile Association

ARuVR® Deployed to Shorten Learning Time-to-Competence

London (UK), July 2023 - ARuVR® has enabled The AA's internal teams to create, deliver, and manage XR learning courses and transform their L&D programmes. Founded in 1905, The AA is synonymous with roadside assistance and increasingly a range of aligned automotive services. With over 2,500 mobile mechanics on the road in the UK, The AA fixes four out of five vehicles on the roadside and rescues someone every eleven seconds.



What the World Is Learning at Work

San Francisco, CA (USA), July 2023 - Every quarter, the Udemy Business team analyzes and shares trends based on what employees are learning across our thousands of customers around the world. With access to billions of data points, we can provide a unique perspective on the most in-demand job skills (both technical skills and power skills) modern employees need to thrive in today's dynamic workforce and how organizations can tie learning to business outcomes.


Learning Podcast

Sponge Partners with Snap Inc.'s Global Head of Learning

Bristol (UK), June 2023 – Digital learning provider Sponge has launched "The Unforgettable Learning Podcast", which can be found on most major podcast streaming platforms. The podcast will be released monthly, with guests from Google and The Lego Group already set to feature, following the initial episode with Snap Inc.


Performance Support

Harbinger at the Forefront of AI Advancements for eLearning

Shrikant Pattathil, Chief Technology Officer, Harbinger GroupRedmond, WA (USA), June 2023 - Harbinger Group, a global technology company that builds products and solutions to transform the way people work and learn, leverages AI advancements to modernize eLearning development, product design, and content management. "Harbinger stands tall in harnessing the true potential of generative AI to help customers solve complex content-centric problems in translations, personalization, onboarding, and accessibility at scale," said Shrikant Pattathil, Chief Technology Officer, Harbinger Group.