To Activate the Brain

History Presented through a Game

BoÅ¡tjan KerncCerklje na Gorenjskem (SI), November 2014 - BoÅ¡tjan Kernc is a teacher of history, Slovene language and literature, and journalism at a primary school. As a daily user of many different learning materials, he is aware of eLearning possibilities, but remains skeptical about the benefits of existent e-materials, particularly in humanistic studies. As a result, he is constantly on the lookout for new approaches - active and playful serious games. He will present the "French Revolution, Animated Serious Game" at OEB on 05 December 2014 from 14:30 to 15:45 in session IMM52. » MORE

Learner-Generated Video

The Power of Peer-to-Peer Interaction

Dr. Paula Laurel JacksonBerlin (GER), November 2014 - Kiddify is a young project of Dr. Paula Laurel Jackson, who worked as an educational consultant. But before this, she performed as a concert pianist, offered arts-based classes to children in schools, and created out-of-school creative camps. Her most recent research projects explored the "pupil voice", the influence of digital media on children around the world and the potential of peer interaction on learning outcomes. As a result, she founded Kiddify and brings this experience to ONLINE EDUCA Berlin on 05 December 5 2014, in the session "Video Educa" from 11:45 to 13:15. » MORE

A Teacher's View

Controlling the Data or Being Controlled by Data

Erik WoningZoetermeer (NL), November 2013 - Since January 2013 Erik Woning has been working in the Innovation Department of the non-profit organisation Kennisnet. Kennisnet is the Dutch public educational organisation whose task it is to ensure that educational institutions are aware and take advantage of the opportunities offered by ICTs. In his speech at ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN, he will ask, -œWhat questions, opportunities and concerns do teachers see when they think about establishing a more personalized and adaptive learning environment for their students?- » MORE

Tablets in Schools

Interactive Mobile Learning Content for Schools

Amany AtefCairo (EG), November 2013 - Amany Atef is Director of eLearning Center of Excellence at the Information Technology Institute (ITI), MCIT in Cairo. She is the manager of eLearning on the strategic level, visioning, and Egypt's eLearning Roadmap. She is currently overseeing mobile learning and the transitioning from eLearning to mobile learning in Egyptian schools. » MORE

Hands-on Approach

"With Hands as well as Minds"

Amsterdam (NL), November 2012 - "Creative Labs Transforming Higher Education" is the topic Frank Kresin from the Waag Society will talk about on Friday, 30 November 2012. The session will carve out how successful teachers encourage creativity: More freedom, fewer assignments, and the inclusion of fablabs and alternative pedagogical formats step away from the path of formal education. Frank Kresin describes how a creative lab works. » MORE

Virtual Lab

Increasing Analytical Skills with Interactive Tools

Piraeus (GR), November 2012 - Symeon Retalis is Assiciate Professor in the Department of Digital Systems at the Greek University of Piraeus. In this capacity he has been able to expand his experience in "Designing Multi-user Learning Activities for a Virtual Chemistry Lab on a Multi-touch Interactive Whiteboard", and this is the topic of his talk at ONLINE EDUCA. He will take a very practical point of view in this session, which will also debate the theory and practise of "digital tools and aids for teaching Maths and Science". » MORE


Viewing the Use of ICT from a Student Perspective

Bærum (NO), November 2012 - "Breaking the Wall" is the title of Frank Baklid's contribution at ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN. "ICTs: Critical E-Competencies for Teachers" is the headline of the session, which will discuss the competencies required to feel at ease using Web 2.0 - or even Web 3.0 virtual learning environments, Moodle, and more. The session will address teachers in schools and talk about the involvement of parents in education. » MORE

Differentiated View

All Youngsters Are Digital Natives, Aren't They?

Helsinki (FI), November 2012 - Tore Ståhl taught ICT throughout the 1990s and has been practising eLearning and developing the prerequisites for eLearning in higher education since 2001. One of his special interests is the question of what the young generation actually look like in terms of ICT and media skills and habits, especially the so-called NetGeners, in relation to other subgroups. » MORE

Analyse a Game

How Do You Identify Games for the Classroom?

Copenhagen (DK), November 2011 - "Important Lessons from the Last Ten Years with Game-Based Learning" is the title of the OEB contribution of Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen. He is CEO of Serious Games Interactive in Denmark, a company that develops serious game, simulations, and virtual worlds with graphics that are able to stand up to other commercial computer games. Their solutions have explicit learning objectives and are developed with attention to the special needs of clients and users. » MORE

Peer Sounds

Intersection between Technology and Creativity in Music

Rome (I), November 2011 - The OEB session "Social Sounds for Peer Education" aims to give an overview of how digital-technology applications have changed music education, creation, and production. Andrea Pozzi, marketing and communication manager of MidiWare is also in charge of managing all MidiWare activities relating to their European educational projects. MidiWare provides support to music teachers, schools, conservatories, and other important European Institutions. As a musician, Andrea plays bass in a band that is signed to an Italian record company. » MORE

EU-Mobility Programs

Education Expert Pierre-Antoine Ullmo Promotes Mobility

Barcelona (ES), July 2011 - Pierre-Antoine Ullmo, education expert at the European Commission and founder of P.A.U. Education, was interviewed by Educaweb, the portal for professionals, institutions, and training centers dedicated to mobility. In the following interview Ullmo discusses the importance of promoting mobility in all levels of society. » MORE

ICT in Education

Embracing All Facets of ICT Deployment in Africa

Nairobi (KE), May 2010 - In his role as Africa Regional Director for the Global eSchools and Communities Initiative (GeSCI), Alex Twinomugisha helps to empower African countries to develop strategies for the proper use of ICT in education to promote their overall development. In the following interview, Nairobi-based Twinomugisha talks about the challenges his organisation has to overcome when deploying ICT in Africa and what effect technology continues to have on the Continent. » MORE

Public-Private Model

The Jordan Education Initiative

Amman (JO), November 2009 - The session -œMENA Atelier- discusses challenges faced by the MENA region with regard to eLearning and ICT and also highlights important achievements. One of the projects that will be presented is the Jordan Education Initiative. Mustafa Nasereddin, Executive Director of the Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization in Jordan and also founding chairman of the Union of Arab ICT Associations, IJMA3, has been involved in a wide range of human development and technology management projects and is building on a continuous development of eLearning in Jordan's schools. » MORE

Social Media

Growing Up in Public: Digital Identity and Youth

Brussels (BE), November 2009 - The meaning and importance of digital identity across formal and informal lifelong learning pathways will be one of the topics at ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN 2009. Margarita Perez Garcia from MENON is one of the presenters who will discuss the issues of the management and control of our digital identity, as well as the impact that our increased online visibility, through the use of the social web, has on our digital lives. » MORE

In the Hinterlands

Educational Technology for Urban Schools

Sao Paulo (BR), November 2009 - Betina von Staa is a doctor of Applied Linguistics at the Catholic University in São Paulo, Brazil. She is also research coordinator for Educational Technology at Positivo Informática, and she has also worked in face-to-face and in distance teacher professional development. Here, Dr. von Staa offers her insights into the impact of educational technology in her country. » MORE