University of Leeds

e-Portfolios as Authentic Assessment Tools

Patricia QuinnLeeds (UK), July 2024 - (by Patricia Quinn, Digital Practice Adviser) How can we modernise and improve assessment and make it more authentic in an increasingly online world of higher education? Students are being asked to complete multiple assessments in their programmes of study, the traditional formats and number of which have not changed for many years, as mentioned by Nerantzi in her article "Rethinking volume, variety and value of assessment in the era of GenAI".


Higher Learning Gains

Transfr's VR Simulations Boost Learning Gains in Healthcare Training

New York, NY (USA), July 2024 - Transfr Inc., a leading provider of virtual reality (VR) career training and exploration simulations, has announced the findings of a first-in-market series of rigorous efficacy studies, demonstrating the substantial learning gains achieved through its VR-based training solutions.


"Planetary Hopes"

Digital Solutions for the Challenges Facing Earth, Nature, and Society

Prof. Dr. Christoph Burchard, C3S founding spokesperson and Chair of GermanFrankfurt (GER), June 2024 - The new Center for Critical Computational Studies (C3S) at Goethe University Frankfurt conducts research into the interrelationships between digitality and democracy and the dynamics of change. At a recent event entitled "Planetary Hopes", the Center presented its "Earth-Nature-Society" research focus. The key question discussed by the Frankfurt-based scientists and their guests was whether and how computational and data-based methods can contribute to coping with planetary polycrises.


Engineering Education

Structuralia's Study Unveils Top Trends

Madrid (E), June 2024 - Structuralia, a leader in specialized training, has unveiled a groundbreaking study pinpointing six pivotal trends shaping the future of industry. The report highlights a surge in demand for professionals skilled in building information modeling (BIM); the accelerating pace of digital transformation within organizations; a robust wave of sustainability initiatives; and the critical role of efficient management in driving economic growth.



Why AI-Powered Text-to-Learning Generation Is the Future of Education

T2LRaleigh, NC (USA), June 2024 - The eLearning landscape is rapidly evolving, and AI-powered Text-to-learning (T2L) generation is at the forefront of this transformation. The ability to convert text into dynamic, interactive eLearning modules has revolutionised the way we create and consume educational content. Let's define T2L, highlight its benefits over traditional digital education tools, explore its practical applications, and discuss its implications for the future of eLearning and learning management systems (LMS).


Virtual Learning Environment

Avatars in a Distance Learning Seminar

Dr. Mirjam Merkel-KissDarmstadt/Karlsruhe, May 2024 - The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research project AVLAB2 works with several partners to investigate the social and didactic benefits of deploying virtual learning environments. In the context of the project, the sociologist Dr. Mirjam Merkel-Kiss conducted an exploratory study into communicative behavior in virtual worlds. Her presentation about the work will take place at the LEARNTEC Congress, 06 June at 10:45.


D2L Helps Educators

Generate Practice and Quiz Questions with Generative AI Beta Program

Toronto (CA), February 2024 - D2L, a global learning technology company, has shared the ongoing roll out of its Generative AI beta program to help educators and content creators easily and quickly generate practice questions and quiz questions using existing course content. This will help reduce administrative workloads and encourage a greater focus on learner engagement.


World TV Day

Five Ways Television Can Help with Language Learning

Brookline, MA (USA), November 2023 - From understanding cultural nuances to learning conversational speech, immersing yourself in television can be an effective tool when it comes to learning a new language. To mark World TV Day, the team at Preply have provided a roundup of the different ways television can aid language learning.



Student-Founded Academy among the Top 50 Worldwide

Kinlo Ephriam TangiriYaounde (CMR) / Bremen (GER), October 2023 - Making education more accessible in his native country Cameroon has motivated Kinlo Ephriam Tangiri to develop a free eLearning service, the KET Academy. With this project, the student of Constructor University in Bremen made it into the top 50 of the international student competition "".



40% of Students Show Great Interest in Using It in Education

Madrid (E), October 2023 - Spanish students are more enthusiastic about the introduction of the metaverse in education than teachers. Almost 40% consider it fun and entertaining, compared to 18% of teachers. This is among the most significant revelations from the research "The Metaverse in Education: Challenges and Uses" conducted by BBVA and Fad Juventud within the framework of Educación Conectada.


New Master's Program

HMKW - M.A. Artificial Intelligence and Societies

Berlin (GER), August 2023 - From winter semester 2023-24, the HMKW University of Applied Sciences for Media, Communication and Management will be offering the interdisciplinary, two-year online master's program M.A. Artificial Intelligence and Societies, which is dedicated to the interplay between artificial intelligence technologies, societal issues, and the creative and cultural industries.



edX Launches Groundbreaking AI MicroBootCamp™

Dr Anant Agarwal, Founder of edXLanham, MD (USA), June 2023 - edX, a leading global online learning platform from 2U, Inc. has announced the launch of its groundbreaking new Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence MicroBootCamp program in partnership with 12 leading American universities. The intensive online program is designed to rapidly equip technology professionals with the core skills needed to excel in the dynamic fields of machine learning and AI.



On the Current Status of the National Education Platform

Prof. Ulrike LuckePotsdam (GER), May 2023 - In April 2021, a consortium coordinated by the University of Potsdam began developing the Bildungsraum Digital (Digital Learning Space) project, or BIRD for short. In the context of the German government’s Digital Education Initiative, BIRD is the first of four prototypes for a future national education platform and makes possible the testing of structures for data exchange, the interoperability of various platform types, and the implementation of standards. Prof. Ulrike Lucke, the BIRD project’s head, will elucidate the status of the National Education Platform, 24 May at 15.00 as part of the Digital University session at LEARNTEC.



Analysing How We Work

Bern (CH), April 2023 - Public administration expert David Giauque studies how people work and how new ways of working affect our wellbeing and performance. The aim is to determine best practices in human resources management.