D2L Helps Educators

Generate Practice and Quiz Questions with Generative AI Beta Program

Toronto (CA), February 2024 - D2L, a global learning technology company, has shared the ongoing roll out of its Generative AI beta program to help educators and content creators easily and quickly generate practice questions and quiz questions using existing course content. This will help reduce administrative workloads and encourage a greater focus on learner engagement.

According to a McKinsey and Company study, educators typically invest more than 50 hours per week in their administrative responsibilities, with less than half of that time directly engaged with learners. D2L's beta program can help course creators integrate formative assessment into courses in a safe and controlled way. This beta program is currently being introduced to select D2L Brightspace users before a broader integration across all D2L products.

In the area of generating practice questions, this feature, launched in September 2023, can help educators automatically generate practice questions from existing course content and materials.

The feature to generate quiz questions, launched in January 2024, can help educators automatically generate Brightspace quiz questions from existing course content and materials.

To ensure human oversight, this beta program allows educators to review the AI-generated practice and quiz questions before they are shared with learners.

"The practice question beta program fills the gaps between our instructional designers and academic experts," said Dr. Elizabeth Pearsall, Vice Provost of Teaching & Learning at the American College of Financial Services. "It's easy to use and has a straightforward learning curve. The accuracy of the questions was good. Given that this capability is integrated within D2L Brightspace, and questions are based on content created in Brightspace, it is convenient to use."

The North American beta program, spanning from September 2023 to summer 2024, offers early access to select customers.

"Over the past decade, D2L has been a leader in successfully integrating authentic AI and machine learning capabilities into our products," said Stephen Laster, President of D2L. "This automated question generation capability can make it easier for instructors to assess learners in the moment. It is the initial step in expanding our product roadmap with cutting-edge generative AI to help change the way the world learns."