PeopleFluent Is Now Part of Learning Technologies Group

London (UK), June 2018 - Learning Technologies Group plc ("LTG"), an integrated eLearning services and technologies provider, has confirmed the successful acquisition of PeopleFluent, 31 May 2018. A formal integration programme will begin immediately, with the aim of completion by the end of September 2018.


Video Training Platform

SABE Extend Rebrands To bugle

Lisbon (PT), June 2018 - Bugle is the new brand for SABE Extend, the Lisbon-based corporate video training SaaS. The new brand reinforces the company’s vision for simplifying corporate online video training, making it quick and easy to train, engage, and connect with customers, partners, and employees. With Bugle, companies can quickly set up and brand their online academies, define their learning audiences, publish and manage video courses, as well as monitor overall and individual training results.


High-Performance Teams

Tracy Capaldi-Drewett Joins MicroLearn

Tracy Capaldi-Drewett Southampton (UK), June 2018 - Tracy Capaldi-Drewett has joined the MicroLearn team as Group Commercial Director at this exciting time to drive business development momentum.


In Partnership with Metidian

Unicorn Announces Unique Regulatory Meetings Training

London (UK), June 2018 - Adding to an already market-leading portfolio of learning solutions for the financial services and associated industries, Unicorn has unveiled its latest unique offering in the form of regulatory meetings training.


New Learning Experiences

ELearning Studios Joins the Agylia Partner Programme

Bristol (UK), June 2018 - Agylia is delighted to welcome eLearning Studios and its new VR Learning Studio division to the Agylia Partner Programme. Through the partnership, eLearning Studios and VR Learning Studio, can provide organisations with its learning design services and virtual reality (VR) training simulations, combined with the range of Agylia learning management solutions, to deliver learning experiences that increase learner knowledge and performance.


Release of Native Apps

UpsideLMS Strengthens Its Mobility Game

Pune (IN), June 2018 - UpsideLMS, a multi-device responsive learning management system, has now released native mobile apps for iOS and Android to provide an enhanced and seamless learning experience to its users. 


Data-Driven Services

Nixu’s Growth Strategy Focuses on Cybersecurity

Espoo (FI), June 2018 - In 2014, Nixu Corporation, a European cybersecurity services company, launched its new growth strategy. This strategy enabled Nixu to achieve substantial international growth and to begin its transformation from a consulting company to a scalable services company. The Nixu Board of Directors has decided to update the strategy to account for both current market trends and its newly acquired standing.


Digitalizing Corporate Learning

Combination of IoT, Education Content and Gamification

Dresden (GER), June 2018 - SupraTix GmbH, a startup founded in Dresden in 2016, is developing a hybrid solution for corporate learning. The corporate routine is becoming more digitalized and connected. Companies are looking for new forms to attract, motivate and involve their workforce in a learning process. The aim of the hybrid solution is to raise employees’ internal motivation to reach learning goals.


VR Learning

Training Employees Using Virtual Worlds

Jennifer FritzDaniel SotzkoSaarbrücken (GER), June 2018 – (by Jennifer Fritz and Daniel Sotzko, IMC AG) The simulation of the reactor appears deceptively real through the glasses. Four young technicians are training simultaneously for an emergency situation. A serious incident is being simulated in which failures occur in individual machines, a situation that, even when simulated, results in high levels of stress for the participants. Each movement made by a training participant must be exact, as their movements in the room are tracked by sensors and transferred into the virtual world.


Video Library

The Espresso Shot Leadership Learning Challenge

London (UK), June 2018 - What can you learn in just three minutes? Quite a lot about leadership says Martin Baker, the CEO of Clear Lessons. He was showcasing Clear Lesson’s leadership videos at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum and was challenging delegates to see what they can learn in the time it takes to grab a tea or coffee.


Team Dynamics

Engage in Learning Unconscious Bias Program

Gloucester (UK), May 2018 - To help people make the most appropriate decisions when it comes to working with others, as well as recruiting, promoting, and managing them, Engage in Learning has launched a video-based, interactive online learning programme on "Unconscious Bias".


Consultancy Services

Agylia Expands into Denmark with New Partner, Roiit

Peter Christian Andersen, Founder and Director of Roiit Bristol (UK), May 2018 - Agylia is delighted to welcome Roiit, digital learning strategists based in Denmark, to the Agylia Partner Programme. Through the Agylia Partner Programme, Roiit can provide organisations with its digital learning consultancy services, combined with the range of Agylia learning management and mobile learning solutions, to deliver learning experiences that increase learner knowledge and skills, and improve business performance. 


Don’t be Like Joe…

New Fire Safety eLearning Course from EssentialSkillz

Rosset (UK), May 2018 - The latest iteration of the EssentialSkillz Fire Safety eLearning Course has been updated with a role play to bring home the importance of taking prompt and correct action when an alarm sounds or fire is discovered.