Knowledge You Can Trust
London (UK), June 2024 - In 2023, any limits on content production were lifted with the arrival of high-quality generative AI. The resulting flood of content, together with what is an epoch-defining technological change in itself, has intensified the global skills gap. The world is full of new possibilities and people are desperate to learn new things. But it's not clear what knowledge can be trusted.

getAbstract, one of the world's largest libraries of compressed verified expert knowledge, has partnered with Filtered, a leader in AI content intelligence, to solve this problem for L&D teams. The two businesses aim to identify exactly what learners need to learn and where to find it - in seconds.

getAbstract, with its new Verify offering, is deploying hundreds of experts to curate, verify, and rate thousands of web resources on the world's most pressing topics. Filtered's AI can identify skill needs for organisations and individuals with precision and surface only the most relevant content.

The partnership enables corporates to make full, fast, safe use of the web. Early take-up is expected from getAbstract and Filtered's roster of shared enterprise

customers, which includes AstraZeneca, Boston Consulting Group, and Novartis.

But getAbstract CEO Thomas Bergen has bigger ambitions. He explained, "Knowledge is the key to everything. Finding and verifying the most relevant knowledge and putting it in everyone's hands is therefore the most important challenge of our era. This partnership does not just solve a problem for corporations. I truly believe that fake knowledge is a much bigger problem - as confirmed by the World Economic Forum - and we have to work together to solve it."

Filtered CEO Marc Zao-Sanders sees the partnership as rooted in shared values. He added, "We have always been motivated by the mantra of 'right learning’, learning at the right time, for the right person, with the right content. By partnering with getAbstract and its Verify product, we can finally tackle one of the hardest problems in content discovery: sifting through the millions of new resources that appear every day. We are also opening this partnership to other content vendors who share our vision for sharing reliable, accurate expertise on the world's most pressing topics."