Solutions-Based Approach

Blackboard Introduces Cloud Version of Flagship LMS

Washington, DC (USA), October 2014 - Blackboard has introduced a cloud version of its flagship LMS, Blackboard Learn™. With the addition of a software-as-a-service model (SaaS), Blackboard is now the only company to offer customers three different ways to host their system: locally on site, through Blackboard's Managed Hosting offering, or with the new SaaS/public cloud option.

The SaaS deployment model provides an elastic, single-instance multi-tenant implementation of Blackboard Learn on top of the leading public cloud service infrastructure that can easily support heavy usage. It allows for quicker delivery of new features, automatic updates with no service interruptions or downtime, and requires less change management for users.

Today's news marks a bold step in the company's broader cloud approach. Schools now have an unmatched number of choices among hosting environments to fit their unique needs. The announcement also follows the company's move towards a more solutions-based approach in offering its product portfolio, as the SaaS deployment model is primarily available via the integrated solutions.

A more comprehensive cloud strategy makes it easier for Blackboard to integrate workflows and features across its teaching and learning products and deliver a more streamlined and unified user experience. This will also help provide a view into learner behavior and activity that can be analyzed by schools for continuous improvement to programs and educational approaches.

"One size does not fit all, and we are now providing an exceptional degree of choice and flexibility to schools," said Mark Strassman, senior vice president of product management for Blackboard. "Institutions have different needs, and many will prefer the unique advantages of self-hosting or Managed Hosting. The fact that we will be able to support these modes of delivery alongside SaaS, makes Blackboard the only company to offer such a flexible range of deployment options for learning-management technologies. It is also the latest step in our reinvigorated product strategy of delivering more value to our customers at a much faster pace."