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THRIVE Launches Compliance Club

London (UK), April 2023 - THRIVE, a leading provider of modern learning solutions, has launched Compliance Club, a groundbreaking off-the-shelf compliance product that offers a new level of engagement and flexibility for businesses of all industries and learners of all levels.

Compliance Club is the first solution on the market that combines fully endorsed content with engaging designs and a multiple-format, flexible approach that helps organisations transform repetitive annual mandatory training. With over 250+ courses and growing, Compliance Club offers unique and diverse content that ensures business-critical messages truly hit differently.

Al Thompson, Chief Content Officer commented, "We're so excited to finally launch Compliance Club, an industry-first solution that will change the way companies approach compliance training forever.

"Our solution offers a flexible and engaging alternative that's designed to meet the needs of modern learners throughout the year, so your people can finally drop dreading the same hour-long scorm courses every year, but your organisation can stay compliant and actually start influencing essential behaviours."

Compliance Club offers diagnostic refresher quizzes to test knowledge, are up to date, and recommend relevant resources learners need, allowing them to mix and match pathways that best suit them. Then the new product’s thought-provoking storytelling, relatable scenarios, and interactive modules make it possible to truly change perceptions and behaviours and help learners understand the why.

It doesn't end there: Compliance Club has a wrap-around service that supports workshops, strategy, content mapping, and filling any industry-specific compliance gaps. Simply request the titles you want to see.

The Compliance Club is available for an annual subscription of £25,000, which includes unlimited users and access to Club Hub, the delivery hub full of ready-built compliance-specific campaigns, courses, and resources.

See for yourself how the Compliance Club is changing the game with exclusive access to a free module.