Electronic Telework

SeeS - SMEs eLearning to E-work Efficiently

Graz (AT), May 2010 - Bit media has sent out the first newsletter on the European project SEES - "SME's eLearning to E-work Efficiently". The goal of this project, developed under the Leonardo da Vinci programme, is to provide practical and useful support to prepare e-managers and e-workers of SMEs to work in a "virtual environment".

The SEES project strives to analyze and identify the competencies required for "e-work" and will develop and pilot-test online tools and eLearning material for e-managers and e-workers to support their training in "electronic telework".

The project started in November 2009 and continues until October 2011.

Outputs of the project include

  • a sectoral survey report that includes the analysis and identification of the key competencies for e-work in four EU countries and a summary of existing training material;
  • an online competency toolkit to support the self-assessment of e-managers and e-workers;
  • eLearning modules for twelve key competencies with two learning hours each, available in English, German, Hungarian, Lithuanian, and Portuguese.

Modules offered are

  • Leadership, Change Management, and Performance Appraisal for e-Magnagers;
  • Time Management, Decision Making, and Problem Solving for e-Workers
  • E-communication, Team Building, Quality Awareness, Motivation, Conflict Handling, and Lifelong Learning for both target groups.

The following project partners are involved

  • Inno-Motive Nonprofit Ltd. (Inno-Motive, Hungary), an accredited education and development institute,
  • Bit media eLearning solution GmbH & Co KG (bit media, Austria), a well-established, full-service provider for the core areas of eLearning,
  • Vakaru Lietuvos verslo kolegija (VLVK, West Lithuanian Business College, Lithuania), a public higher-education institution whose activities are oriented toward professional studies,
  • Inovaformacao - Prestacao de Servicos de Formacao Pro. Lda (Inovafor, Portugal) whose mission is to promote innovation, training, and the supply of advisory services in the field of innovation.

The three partners recently met in Graz for the first meeting to monitor the project's progress and especially the evaluation plan. During the meeting, an online workshop for content authors was conducted to align the process of writing the detailed concepts and the story-boards for the modules. This workshop was done via Skype, which was suitable for this phase; nevertheless the need for more powerful virtual conferencing software was evident.