How to Be a Destination

Tips for a Successful Online Training Program

Madison, WI (USA), June 2016 - When the Schallert Group launched Destination University®, a program to help small towns, communities, and businesses learn how to be a destination, Jon Schallert traveled across the U.S. and Canada doing in-person training in over 500 downtowns, towns, and cities. Demand for this training became so popular his clients challenged him to develop an online program so they could have anytime, anywhere access to his knowledge and expertise. In reply, he gave a live Webinar on 21 June at 11:00 a.m. Central Daylight Savings Time.

As his training program ramped up to combine video sessions with in-person events, so did the lessons the Schallert Group learned about effective online training.

In Jon’s webinar he shared his top tips for taking a traditional training program and putting it online; he also explained best practices for applying his ideas to other programs.
The topics he discussed included

  • his strategy for introducing video to the training program
  • how video grew and benefited his customers who were unskilled in online learning
  • how online training has transformed the communities and businesses he wanted to help
  • the biggest success he's achieved so far with video and how it can be applied in other programs
  • the surprising lesson he's learned the hard way.