New iSpring Learn LMS

The Next Level of Learning Automation for Admins
Alexandria, VA (USA), July 2019 - iSpring Solutions Inc., a global leader in eLearning software and services, has announced the groundbreaking update of iSpring Learn, its award-winning LMS. The release introduces two big advancements: smart course assignments and online content authoring, plus a number of important updates to key LMS features.

iSpring Learn is a fast and reliable learning management system that allows companies to launch eLearning in just one day. The new version completely automates admins’ routines to speed up employee training, even for mission-critical projects.

"Our goal was to solve training departments’ worst nightmare – training large groups of diverse staff," says Slava Uskov, VP of Product Development at iSpring. "In practice, you can rarely assign a course to a department en masse. Instead, you have to select employees in certain positions across multiple branches and, let’s say, exclude offices in some regions. Furthermore, admins have to track new hires, promotions, position changes, and employees’ moves between departments. Therefore, we committed ourselves to creating an LMS that could unsnarl, organize, and finally simplify all of this."

Completely automated training

The new iSpring Learn removes hassle from admins’ work, as it handles all the routines: the LMS automatically assigns courses and forms groups on its own, according to flexible rules set by users.

Admins can organize learners in departments and sub-departments to reflect the actual company structure and easily create relevant enrollments and reports in a breeze.

Fast content creation

Another great enhancement to iSpring Learn is the built-in online course authoring tool. eLearning creators are no longer tied to their desktop apps: to prepare a professional-looking course, they only need a browser and an internet connection. They can easily create eLearning longreads with graphics, videos, and questions that appear flawlessly on mobile and desktop devices. For more advanced eLearning content, educators can use iSpring Suite, an industry-leading authoring toolkit.

Live webinars

Zoom Web Meetings allows you to deliver online training sessions in a short timeframe. Right in iSpring Learn LMS, you can schedule a new online event, and the LMS notifies all the participants and generates an attendance report.

Truly learning on the go

The updated iSpring Learn mobile apps for iOS and Android ensure a smooth user experience on iPads and iPhones, plus all other tablets and smartphones. The apps don’t require a single unnecessary tap or swipe, and they allow learners to take courses on the go, even offline, such as when they’re on a plane.