D2L Enhances Brightspace Community Platform

Toronto (CA), June 2023 - D2L, a global learning technology company, has announced a redesign of its Brightspace Community platform. The Brightspace Community site is the primary destination for D2L's community of clients, partners, users, developers, and D2L staff to find and share product and industry resources and connect with others through membership and discussion forums.

"The Brightspace Community is a key component of D2L's mission to provide educators with technology, service, and support," said Al Patel, SVP, Professional Services and Support at D2L. "We're excited to provide an enhanced experience for our Brightspace Community members that aligns with our vision to provide resources, strengthen networking opportunities and promote a community of learning."

The new Brightspace Community updates will help enable users to

  • access community content, like discussion forums, video tutorials, product release notes, and more from within Brightspace workflows. This update will provide a more consistent experience for users.
  • utilize content developed for unique segments and users. K-12 teachers, higher education faculty members, and corporate professionals alike can see more content aligned with their specific segmented needs.
  • navigate through an intuitive and personalized site. User experience within the new Community is based on each persona's unique user journey - an elementary school teacher and an IT facilitator will have very different needs, and thus experiences within the Community.
  • access Community forums, groups, documentation, Brightspace Learning Center, and Product Idea Exchange from a single platform. Users can join the Accessibility Interest Group and participate in their live events, or connect with Instructional Designers and follow their weekly posts. Members will also be able to access free Brightspace Guided Training more easily through the Brightspace Learning Center and access free courses and teaching tools found there.
  • join sub-Communities for localization needs. These spaces will feature a growing library of resources localized for users with navigation supported in their respective language, such as Arabic, Dutch, English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Brightspace Community members will maintain access to the platform as the updates are made through a phased launch, providing an easy transition.

"The new D2L Brightspace Community is very sleek and well designed. The navbar has all the important subjects listed for easy access," said Kathleen Benn, Learning Management System Coordinator at South Florida State College.