Global Language Standards

Rosetta Stone Adds AI-powered Assessments to Its Language Solutions
San Mateo, CA (USA), September 2023 - Rosetta Stone's new AI-powered language assessments deepen the company's line of language learning solutions. The patented assessments provide precise scores aligned to recognized global language standards, heightening an organization's ability to identify and hire top multilingual talent toward empowering global expansion and improving customer satisfaction scores.

Rosetta Stone, one of the world's leading language learning brands, has announced the expansion of its offerings by introducing AI-driven language assessments. The patented technology evaluates proficiency in speaking and writing across nine languages, delivering precise, unbiased scores aligned with global language standards (CEFR, ACTFL, and TOEFL). The assessments have been adopted by educational institutions, corporations, and government entities seeking to identify top multilingual talent. Global clientele includes The World Bank, Randstad, and several world-renowned universities.

Rosetta Stone's AI assessments complement the company's impressive portfolio of language-learning solutions. The customization options in these assessments, including adjustable pre-employment screening thresholds, significantly enhance onboarding efficiency.

Rosetta Stone for Enterprise offers an expansive range of web- and app-based language training courses in 24 languages that include career- and business-oriented language instruction. The company's higher education and corporate training solutions provide live tutoring for learners across the globe and a dashboard that offers full admin oversight.

As the business world becomes increasingly interconnected, language proficiency is a crucial element of business success. Rosetta Stone's AI assessments reinforce the company's position at the forefront of language learning and underscore its ongoing commitment to empowering personal growth through language acquisition.

Rosetta Stone is taking part in LEARNINGLIVE 2023, London, 13-14 September.