Webinar Recording

The Practical and Responsible People-Centred Applications of AI

Cambridge (UK), March 2024 - In a recent webinar, Acteon's Matt Borg explored how making smart use of AI can help provide colleagues with customised learning plans, personalised coaching, and just-in-time micro content.

The webinar was designed to help leaders and managers in L&D grow their understanding of this fast-moving field and identify where they might make informed decisions on harnessing new generative AI tools.

A quick poll found that 46% of attendees said their primary concern about AI implementation in L&D is around the accuracy and reliability of generative AI. Matt explored how managers can use AI as a tool to inform conversations, without using it to replace the vital human ability to analyse, empathise, and bring a thoughtful approach to build meaningful relationships.

Matt shared insights into how L&D professionals in the healthcare, legal, and other sectors are using AI tools in Breeio and other platforms to streamline admin tasks and reporting, as well as to stretch valuable resources to efficiently provide feedback and assessment.