Brand Marketing Summit

Spiro™ Explores AI and AR for Empathy and Engagement

Austin, TX (USA), March 2024 - At Brand Innovator's Leadership in Brand Marketing Summit at SXSW, Spiro™, a leading global brand experiential agency, discussed how today's brand marketer can strategically approach AI and AR for impactful experiential marketing. "In the right context, AI has the transformative potential to create brand activations that spark genuine emotionality."

The first discussion, moderated by Spiro's Global CMO Carley Faircloth, featured IBM's Program Director, Event Experience & Executive Programs, exploring how brands can leverage AI to create authentic emotional connections. A second session, moderated by Spiro's EVP, Strategy & Measurement, Dane Aloe, featured Chobani's VP, Creative Production, exploring how brands can enhance engagement through AR and generative AI.

"In the right context, AI has the transformative potential to create brand activations that spark genuine emotionality," said Faircloth. "But achieving results requires strategic implementation and balancing tech with the human touch. IBM's WatsonX at NRF activation successfully shows that when approached with this mindset, you can even spark audience empathy with AI."

The discussions grounded trending technologies with real-world applications, focusing on how brand marketers can use these tools to transform their activations in ways that match both their brand objectives and current audience behaviors. In one example, Chobani saw dwell time of double the average industry benchmark and an 8.3-point lift in purchase intent.

"What's exciting is seeing real-time examples and results of brand marketing experimentation with AI and AR, both creatively and operationally," said Aloe. "Ultimately, each brand activation represents an opportunity to cultivate essential customer relationships, translating into tangible bottom-line benefits. These and future technologies are not meant to replace your experience design process, but rather create efficiencies to enhance engagement and help you get the most from your experiential investment."

Brand Innovators' summits focus on fostering marketing leadership connections within a marketplace for brands to engage with and learn from more than 200 of the best top tier brand side and agency marketers in our industry. Spiro's involvement in the summits underscores its commitment to industry transformation and its focus on helping brands create crucial relationships with its audiences to secure priority placement in their hearts and minds.