Blended Learning

NetSupport Launches

Peterborough (UK), September 2020 - NetSupport has launched a classroom management and teaching platform to help educators blend school and home learning experiences, enabling teachers and learners to move between in-class and remote schooling.

To support schools with the ongoing challenge of providing remote and blended learning (a lasting impact from coronavirus), NetSupport has launched its new, easy-to-use, cloud-based teaching and classroom management platform

Whether in a school classroom, at home, or a hybrid of both, enables teachers to lead learning in any location with ease, and most importantly, deliver a sense of continuity. This not only helps minimise disruption for students, which can have a negative impact on learning outcomes, but also supports teachers' wellbeing by removing the extra stress in having to switch platforms.

Using a simple dashboard, teachers can select the class they wish to teach and are automatically connected to the relevant student devices. Within minutes, teachers can run live lessons that are engaging and interactive and that will keep students immersed and on target for success. Combined with its classroom management tools, such as screen monitoring and website and application metering, teachers can also manage student behaviour online and ensure they are safe and on task.

Al Kingsley, Managing Director of NetSupport, explained, "During such unsettled times, maintaining continuity and consistency is so important - for both learners and teachers. Having one platform that can seamlessly switch between in-class and remote learning provides this continuity, and helps minimise disruption. We have built the platform specifically to help teachers deliver quality learning experiences no matter where they, or their students, are. Having developed with the help of teachers, I am confident it is the easiest online platform teachers will ever use, with tools that capture feedback, monitor and manage online behaviour, and ensure students remain engaged."

Features of include

  • connection to students' devices quickly and easily by a range of methods
  • interaction with students in real time via chat, messages, and help requests
  • assessment of progress and topic understanding with class surveys
  • monitoring of students' screens, web, and app use to ensure they're on task
  • ensuring that students stay safe with "allowed" and "restricted" website and application lists
  • gaining attention by locking or blanking students' screens
  • being designed for use with Microsoft SDS or Google Classroom platforms for maximum flexibility in creating your classes
  • multi-platform support for use with a mix of devices

Easy to set up, configure, manage, and use, integrates directly with a school's existing infrastructure, with the ability to easily manage teacher and student devices centrally.

Kingsley concludes, "For IT technicians dealing with the technical challenges of remote learning models, is extremely easy to integrate and can be deployed in minutes. With clear central configuration and management, it is ideal for school districts and Trusts and, once set up, the IT team's involvement is minimal. Furthermore, for teachers, using its intuitive interface is a breeze. As schools gear up for a new academic year, we are keen to support teachers and IT teams in embracing technology that enables great teacher-led learning without the burden of onerous admin."

As schools prepare for the new academic term, NetSupport is offering schools the chance to try free for 30 days.