Virtual Reality Outshines Other Learning Methods in Pilot Study

Kate PasterfieldPlymouth (UK), November 2017 - A pilot study by leading digital learning provider Sponge UK into the use of virtual reality (VR) for workplace learning suggests that, yes, we should believe the hype. Participants found VR to be significantly more enjoyable, significantly easier to concentrate on, and that it provided greater learning satisfaction than the other popular digital learning methods used in the study. 


SITA Customers

"Flipped Learning" Pays Handsome Dividends

Heidelberg GER), October 2016 - Training hundreds of customers around the world can put the brakes on an otherwise rapid rollout of a new software service. SITA, a company that provides global business solutions for air transport and related industries, found the solution to this challenge by adopting a new approach to knowledge transfer and creating eLearning objects with tt knowledge force.