Microlearning in Action - Tips, Techniques, and Examples

Bangalore (IN), September 2019 - EI Design is launching a free webinar entitled "Microlearning in Action - Tips, Techniques, and Examples on How to Use It to Drive Employee Performance", presented by Asha Pandey, Chief Learning strategist at EI Design, and sponsored by eLearning Industry Inc., 03 October 2019, 11.00 EDT.


New Module

Closing Skills Gaps with Docebo Perform’s Targeted Learning

Toronto, ON (CA), September 2017 - The release of Docebo Perform introduces the ability to identify skills gaps and address them through learning interventions. With Docebo's new Perform module, HR and L&D leaders are now empowered to address skill gaps in their organization, ensuring they are equipped to execute on the company’s vision.