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The Discussion Continues with CEO Thomas Bergen

Thomas BergenLuzern (CH), January 2024 - This is the third segment of my six-part series on a rare commodity that every leader should be more concerned about in these times of hybrid collaboration, talent shortages and increasing volatility: trust. The first two appeared in the 22 November and the 23 December editions of the Checkpoint eLearning Newsletter.


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Thomas BergenLuzern (CH), November 2023 - As an entrepreneur, CEO, husband, and father, I learn much daily while encountering many points of view. I learn because I'm curious - and, well, I learn because I can't stand still for long. If I felt comfortable idling, getAbstract wouldn't exist (or wouldn't exist anymore); my wife would be long gone; and my children would have found other caregivers. I'm lucky that I'm a naturally curious person and that other people prefer the presence of guys like me to that of idlers, even in Switzerland.