German Federal Immigration Agency

Digital Learning Tool for Use in Integration Courses

Berlin (GER), June 2017 - The German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) has officially approved the German Adult Education Association's (DVV) free adult-education platform for use in immigrant integration courses. It is the first digital learning tool to be officially approved by the agency. The platform, which was created using Avallain Author and the Avallain platform architecture, can now be used as a blended-learning tool for the courses.

The educational platform transposes the German integration course curriculum into a digital learning environment. To support the integration of immigrants into German society both in terms of language and culture, offers more than 11,500 exercises in various areas of learning:

  • 4,500 language exercises that guide learners from proficiency level A1 (beginner) to B1 (intermediate language use).
  • a learning area focusing on German-as-a-second-language literacy skills, expanding the level A1 language course with exercises that focus on acquiring written language skills
  • 30 comprehensive scenarios for occupational language learning, encompassing exercises that increase occupational-language skills up to the B2 level (upper intermediate)

Whenever possible, the Avallain Author-created learning content is combined with multimedia elements such as videos or audio exercises. To navigate the content, learners can use an interactive board-game-like learning map illustrating their learning path.

The structure of is based on the Avallain platform architecture, which allows learners to choose exercises based on their own interests as well as their learning progress. Meanwhile, their DVV tutors can supervise everything digitally, giving individual feedback and help when needed. This allows the tool to be used both to provide a foundation for individualised learning within heterogeneous groups and to support independent learning efforts.

After one-and-a-half years of use and great success by four German adult education centres, BAMF officially approved starting May 2017. This makes it the first digital learning tool to be officially approved by BAMF as a fundamental learning tool for immigrant-integration courses.