Manage eLearning Course Reviews with zipBoard

New Dehli (IN), September 2017 - An easier way to gather feedback while developing eLearning courses from both team members and SMEs has come to zipBoard: guest sharing without login. Collaboration is the key to successful eLearning, and to facilitate the course-review process, zipBoard is changing the way eLearning courses are assessed by multiple stakeholders. zipBoard aims to make the eLearning QA & project-management process easier and in effect faster.

zipBoard has an incredibly simple workflow!

  • Upload the eLearning course or add the URL of hosted content.
  • Invite internal team members, as well as clients and collaborators.
  • Browse through courses like your learners would.
  • Take a screenshot when you identify an issue.
  • Highlight issues using annotations to provide contextual feedback.
  • Organize your bugs as actionable tasks.
  • Save issues as a task: assign priority, users, and more details.
  • Share reviews with guests using a custom URL.

Why do customers love zipBoard?

  • You can upload your own SCORM content or add a URL.
  • It enables you to browse through your courses interactively, not just slide by slide
  • You’re able to work on your storyboards of the course - eLearning course review from start to finish.
  • Stakeholders can collaborate on files hosted in your Box or Dropbox account, be it PDFs or presentations.
  • There are real-time updates via in-app alerts and email notifications.
  • You can capture issues with images, not just words.
  • Annotations and comments can be added that provide better context to collaborators.
  • It’s easy to prioritize tasks and assign them to team members.
  • Unlimited collaborators can participate in each project.
  • There are JIRA and Slack integrations.
  • Tasks can be downloaded as a CSV for offline access.
  • There’s a thirty-day free trial to test-drive the product; one project is always free.

What’s new in zipBoard?

  • Versioning - Upload and manage new versions of your files without losing previous ones.
  • Guest invite - Share a custom link with your team, stakeholders, or prospective users to review projects and gather feedback that doesn’t require them to login.
  • Responsive testing - View your files in different screen resolutions and share feedback.
  • Comments as tasks - Reviewers can leave comments that can be tracked as tasks. Tasks can be prioritized and managed from the task manager.
  • Upload images - Simply drag and drop or browse to upload your images as boards and start collaborating on them.
  • Add tags - Tag all your boards, tasks, and projects to stay organized.
  • Assign watchers - Adding collaborators as watchers on task gives them automatic notifications when the status of that task changes.
  • Archiving projects - Have you exhausted your project limit? There’s no need to worry, as you can archive any of your inactive previous projects and can continue using zipBoard.
  • Works with all major browsers - Be it Chrome, Firefox, IE, or Safari, now zipBoard works with all major browsers to help you review and get feedback on your web projects.
  • Enterprise and private cloud options available - You now have the option of having a dedicated cloud for your app.
  • Data security - All your connections and communications are transmitted over SSL.

What are the benefits of using zipBoard for easier eLearning course reviews?

Collecting feedback and reviewing eLearning courses can be a tedious task without the right tool. Making sure that all stakeholders have enough context on issues is necessary to ensure a smooth eLearning review. Having one tool to effectively collaborate with your team and clients to save time makes course development faster.

zipBoard provides a simple solution to make eLearning review better and faster. Take screenshots of bugs and issues right from your browser. Adding comments to highlight and share feedback is so simple that it feels like all collaborators are working in the same room. You can get everyone onboard, even non-technical stakeholders like subject-matter experts, and ensure that the team stays in-sync.

You can work on courses from beginning to end with zipBoard. Share storyboards with team members or review design changes in images and presentations. Whatever authoring tools you use, zipBoard supports them.