Vendor Platform

Online Training at Subaru Germany

Munich (GER), September 2007 - Right on time for the International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Subaru Germany will introduce an interactive online training platform from Springer Transport Media for its vendors. Interactive training modules for three of Subaru's models - the Outback, Tribeca and Legacy - were already deployed last year, and all the members of Subaru's traders' network have been effectively and efficiently trained to use them.

With the new online training platform, Subaru has initiated a consequent general change in its training system in which eLearning plays an important role. Online training modules and classroom training are combined in Springer Transport Media's blended learning concept, providing the obvious advantage that the training is divided into clearly demarcated components.

Online training is used to impart in-depth product knowledge and to explain to vendors the added value clients derive from the new vehicles. The classroom training focuses participants' attention on the various aspects of the client's driving experience and the development of persuasive marketing techniques. Furthermore, vendors have the possibility to refresh their product knowledge at any time.

The overall training platform engenders a feeling of enthusiasm toward the products, but the primary function is to provide vendors with in-depth product knowledge of technical functions and car details, to clarify various vehicle configuration possibilities, to define pricing policies and latitude, to point out the competitive environment, and to amalgamate all of these knowledge areas into a form that can be used as sales arguments.

A further aim of the platform is to consolidate vendors' identification with the Subaru brand, its achievements, and its history. Contents such as positive consumer-test and TV reports and press conferences are used to affect the relationship with the vendor in a positive way. The wide range of information is rounded off by selected branch information from Autohaus and Autohaus Online.

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