Testers and Developers

Moodle Bugathon Opened to Finalize New Release

Perth (AUS), November 2007 - Some people have been wondering, "Where is Moodle 1.9"? According to Martin Dougiamas, founder and main developer of the open source course-management system, "It is still being polished". Testers and developers are invited to join the finalizing process.

"One of the things I really want to avoid is a repeat of our Moodle 1.7 release, which was in retrospect a little rushed", says Dougiamas. So, in the name of stability, clarity, and consistency, he started the Moodle Bugathon, whose aim, he states, is "to make the 1.9 the new 1.6".

Nice prizes are available in four categories:

  1. Most bugs resolved
  2. Most fixes verified
  3. Most duplicates identified
  4. Most new bugs filed

The Bugathon started on 12 November 2007 and will end in three months, on 12 February 2008.