Media & Learning Conference 2011

Brussels (BE), June 2011 - The Media & Learning Conference takes place in Brussels on 24-25 November, including the annual awards ceremony for the MEDEA Awards as well as presentations and inputs from all finalists in the 2011 competition.

The Conference is aimed at policy makers and practitioners who want to contribute to the development of digital and media skills in education and find new and effective ways to embed media into the learning process for people of every age.

Themes for 2011 are

  • future trends and developments in media-supported learning
  • digital and media production skills and competences including media literacy
  • use and reuse of existing media resources in education and training at all levels

The Conference will include plenary sessions, presentation sessions, show-and-tell presentations, discussion sessions, and workshops.

The Media & Learning Community has just been launched, where people interested in media-based learning and media literacy, policy, and development can connect with each other, join and start discussions, as well as find and share resources in the community resources database.

The Conference organizers are happy to announce Adobe's support and would like to thank Adobe for the continued support as sponsor of this event.