Royal Society for Public Health

Agylia Delivers New Online Learning Platform

Bristol (UK), March 2021 - The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) is an independent charity dedicated to improving public health and wellbeing. To achieve a vision of enabling every community, workplace, and individual to optimise their own health and wellbeing, RSPH provide a variety of educational services, including online courses and qualifications, workplace training, and accreditations. In partnership with Agylia, they have launched a new online learning platform that aims to reach 20,000 learners in the next three years.

At a time of increasing public health concerns, RSPH sought to rapidly expand their online educational offer to help members and individuals develop their skills and knowledge, while providing the best learning experiences possible.

RSPH chose the Agylia Learning Management System (LMS) to equip its 6,500 members and the general public with access to RSPH's range of learning content, including RSPH- accredited qualification courses; continuing professional development (CPD) courses for those looking to develop skills in public health and gain CPD points; and a range of free courses on public health topics such as sleep, gambling, and social media and mental health.

Samantha King, Membership and Educational Services Manager at RSPH said, "We are all very proud of RSPH Learn, our new online learning platform. As well as allowing us to create and deliver more vital public health courses, it will also provide an improved learner experience and scope for more digital learning opportunities. We can't wait for people to start taking courses through the platform.

"We chose the Agylia LMS as it provides all the features we require, including user-led registration, integration with our business platforms, curriculum building, dynamic design, and a modern interface. We also value the focus Agylia places on supporting charities and non-profits such as ourselves, working with us to create a tailored partnership that brings real value and supports us to achieve our strategic vision."

RSPH Learn has been designed to be user friendly, engaging, and innovative. Integrating with RSPH's CRM and e-assessments platforms, the Agylia LMS will enable users to create and manage their account, view courses, track progress, and manage CPD activities and certificates - providing a seamless learner journey from account creation through to certification and qualification.