On-Boarding Programme

ARM Partner with Business Smart International

Plymouth (UK), June 2017 - ARM Holdings Plc, a wholly owned subsidiary of SoftBank Group Corps, has partnered with Business Smart International to develop a bespoke simulation based on the ARM business. The simulation was aligned to both the ARM business strategy and culture and helps new hires to understand how ARM’s business model works. Teams are tasked with running and managing a core aspect of the ARM business in a virtual environment.

The simulation includes engaging scenarios, real company visuals, data, KPIs, and a reporting format all based on the client-company’s metrics.

The simulation is deployed online and through workshops to all new hires. So far it has been delivered in the UK, USA, Asia and Japan. Where required the simulation is translated to meet the needs of the regional workforce.

The simulation is fully automated and offers online facilitator support. The simulation was supported by the Business Smart Global Platform, which enables fully automated chat, reporting, results, and administration functions.

One key sponsor of the programme declared: "Many thanks for all of your hard work on this - it was fantastic to witness such collaboration and engagement."

Richard Berg, CEO of Business Smart International stated, "It is a pleasure working in collaboration with ARM to develop and deliver a bespoke simulation based on their business. The results and feedback to date have been outstanding, and we look forward to a long and lasting business relationship."