Continuing Growth

eCom Scotland's Investments in Digital Skills Professionals Pay Off

Dunfermline (SCL), June 2021 - In the light of growing demand for its products and services, which has taken its current turnover beyond pre-pandemic levels, the digital learning and assessment specialist eCom Scotland is continuing to grow its investment in digital skills professionals.

While not all its digital skills professionals are based in Scotland, eCom's Managing Director, Wendy Edie, said, "We're creating stable, good quality jobs that offer a strong career path for digital skills specialists - both during the pandemic and in the context of the current skills shortage - to meet the increasing demand from the emerging digital technology sector."

According to the Scottish government report entitled "A changing nation: how Scotland will thrive in a digital world", published in March this year, Scotland's digital technology sector contributes some £7.5bn to Scotland's gross value added (GVA). The ScotlandIS Technology Industry Survey 2020 states that this sector, approximately 9,500 firms, employs around 100,000 people across the Scottish economy. However, there is still demand for some 7,000 digital skills professionals to join the sector each year, in addition to the 5,000 or so who currently join the sector annually.

Agreeing that she would like to see more people joining this sector, Wendy Edie - who is also a member of ScotlandIS's Strategic Skills Board - commented, "In the last six weeks, eCom has been working with six new organisations, each of which has launched new learning environments. These learning environments are driving, and will continue to realise, such competitive advantage within their respective organisations that we're not allowed to discuss any of the details.

"Being a trusted provider creates a unique business relationship for us that is much stronger and deeper than a vendor relationship can ever be. As a trusted provider, we're able to offer support and consultancy from our experience and expertise.

"Obviously, it's a challenge to promote all our capabilities, while not being able to tell about everything we do. These amazing stories of digital learning transformation, including international delivery, are key messages we want to covey as a growing, innovative business."

eCom is just one example from the digital learning sector of the Scotland-based technology firms that, according to a recent CBI Scotland study, are projected to add some £25bn to the Scottish economy over the next decade.

This continuing growth in demand that eCom is experiencing, made manifest through increasing both business and headcount, is helping eCom to play its part in Scotland's digital technology sector, the fourth-largest of the country’s export sectors, exporting over £3.3bn of goods and services annually.

"At present, some 53% of eCom's annual revenue is generated outside the UK, with a further eight percent coming from sales to organisations in England," revealed Wendy. "We have clients from the USA and Canada to the Middle East and the Indian sub-continent, and we're investigating expanding our international operations by opening up markets in southern Africa."