Open eLMS Classroom

eLearningWMB Releases New Product
Maidenhead (UK), May 2021 - Open eLMS Classroom is the latest addition to the Open eLMS Suite of products, built to offer an engaging way to incorporate digital resources into blended and remote delivery.

eLearningWMB has officially launched a brand-new product, Open eLMS Classroom. Designed to provide an integrated virtual classroom experience, Classroom focuses on providing an easily managed, highly engaging, and customisable learning experience that specifically targets the challenges of providing effective online teaching.

The product is targeted at learning professionals who want to use digital resources in live training, or those who have been conducting it over Zoom and Teams, and expands the functionality of those platforms without requiring major changes to any existing processes that may have been developed over the past year.

Open eLMS Classroom allows a trainer to create lessons made up of different resources, set the order of their completion, and send invites to a set group or list of learners. The product then takes the scheduled meeting and shows the live video feed, whilst also allowing for the completion of desired resources simultaneously or as later homework. If conducted remotely, the live video feed can be automatically recorded and catalogued as a revision material for later use.

Managing Director Emil Reisser-Weston said, "We've endeavoured to create the most comprehensive LMS solution on the market, so Classrooms was a necessary addition to fill some of the last remaining gaps in the capabilities of the system as a whole. It was very motivating to develop this product in direct response to the difficulties of the last year, and we look forward to seeing its impact for our users and their specific circumstances."