European Comenius-EduMedia Award

How Can We Win Our Employees for the Agile Age?

Heidelberg (GER), July 2018 - Most enterprises face the challenge of preparing their associates for a digital and agile future. How can we ensure that employees understand digitization and excite them for the tangible advantages of digitization at their workplace? Two standard award-winning digital learning products of tts answer these questions.

The tts eLearning "Digital World" introduces employees into the world of internet, digital media, and the future of work. This eLearning course has been acknowledged for excellent didactics and provides employees with comprehensive and in-depth background information. The curriculum is intended to create general digital awareness, but also covers specific competence build-up for employees who, for example, consult customers with regard to digitization and IT-related risks.

Relating to everyday working life, Microsoft 365’s product line is setting the pace and is already standard at many companies. The "tts Microsoft 365 Empowerment Suite" not only provides employees with eLearning that conveys in-depth knowledge about the Microsoft 365 key features, but also comprises well over 1,000 step guides that offer user support on a wide range of subjects in self-service mode. These include, for example, how to activate a new signature for email correspondence and how to change into presentation mode in Skype. Offering human help for tasks like these currently consumes the majority of companies’ support budgets; alternatively, having to go online to find the answers wastes considerable employee time. These types of expenses dissolve with the tts solution for the Microsoft 365 Empowerment Suite.

The two Comenius-EduMedia Awards underpin tts’s mission to support the digitization of learning. Johannes Starke, Product Manager for standard eLearning content at tts, highlights that "[…] not only has the didactical and graphical quality of our product received awards, but also its economic and transformational benefit for our customers, who are in the middle of their digital transformation."