Independent Testers Agree

Survey Confirms IMC Content Studio Is a Great Success

Graz (A) / Saarbrücken (GER), April 2014 - Almost ninety percent of those questioned agree that they will, in future, use the modern authoring solution IMC Content Studio in their daily work. This was the outcome of an independent quality survey amongst twenty Content Studio users and interested parties undertaken as part of this year's LEARNTEC trade fair in Karlsruhe, Germany.

In its development of Content Studio, IMC got the emphasis just right, focusing precisely on requirements that are of essential importance for those questioned, such as simplicity of operations, which is crucial with authoring software, and flawless representation on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Nine out of ten of those questioned are delighted by the easy-to-operate interface in Content Studio. "The use of interfaces similar to MS Office® and the attractive design have won us over completely," says Mario Mauro Guidone from the Damago GmbH training centre. After extensive tests, Johannes Nehlsen of Munich’s Ludwig Maximilian University has opted to use IMC Content Studio and adds enthusiastically, "... it's a fantastic, easy-to-operate interface!"

The development of optimal depiction on mobile devices impressed more than three quarters of those questioned. For Oliver Aleo from the Deutschen Rentenversicherung (German pension insurance) Baden-Württemberg, mobile applications are of particular relevance from a professional perspective. He explained, "Content Studio makes it ridiculously easy to create mobile eLearning content. The option of distributing the content created via IMC player is also very good."

Other functions that impressed more than two thirds of all the testers include the brand-new MS PowerPoint® import, which can deliver up to fifty percent time saving in content creation. The PowerPoint import function makes it possible to add existing presentations effortlessly and then to further edit the slides directly in the authoring software.

With Content Studio, tests and quizzes can also be created in the software. This question function makes it possible to create especially varied eLearning courses. Multiple-choice and drag-and-drop questions can increase attentiveness and check learning status and can also be used as performance verification via completed courses. In our survey, this question element impressed a sensational 95% of all participants.