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Offline Learning Made Possible with UpsideMOVE
Pune (IN), July 2018 - UpsideMOVE, an offline mobile learning app for iOS and Android from UpsideLMS, now enables businesses to deliver training and performance support at times when learners don’t have internet access.

While mobile learning continues to gather steam across industries and geographies, some inherent challenges continue to prevent its adoption in organizations. One major issue is internet connectivity; low or patchy internet in some areas makes it impossible for seamless learning on mobile devices. However, it's not the connectivity problem alone. Sometimes, it's the nature of the industry that demands a learning solution that works in an "offline" mode, too.
As a solution to this, UpsideLMS has launched UpsideMOVE, a mobile app that supports learning and training even when not connected to the internet. The very name of the app describes the advantage and capability of the product. "MOVE" in UpsideMOVE is an acronym for Mlearning Offline for Versatile Elearning, while the word "move" itself indicates the movement and on-the-go nature of the app - anytime, anywhere!
UpsideMOVE enables learners to download the assigned training content - videos, courses, and reference materials - onto an Android or Apple device when connected to the internet and viewing it (multiple times) offline. UpsideLMS, a feature-rich and innovative learning management system, acts as the content management and delivery backend for UpsideMOVE. A two-way synchronization between UpsideMOVE and the UpsideLMS backend ensures that all offline training activity is tracked, complete with syncing and updating of progress in the UpsideLMS when back online.