Impact Academies

QA Raises the Bar of Online Training Effectiveness
Berkshire (UK), November 2018 - Today, when a world of information is constantly at our fingertips, we need to re-look at traditional methods of accessing information and content. Passing a traditional exam demonstrates the ability to acquire knowledge, but it doesn't build real-world capability. There is no guarantee that individuals will be able to use the skills they've learned effectively in the workplace.

With this in mind, QA has introduced its first Impact Academy: AgilePM®. This online, immersive, coach-led learning programme in Agile Project Management is delivered through a series of cutting-edge digital learning experiences. Participants in this course have the opportunity to turn their knowledge into useable real-world skills.

Helen Tinnelly, Director of Strategy & Transformation at QA, said, "As market leaders for providing AgilePM® classroom training, QA is always looking for new, immersive ways to provide cutting-edge learning experiences for our customers. Through the Impact Academies, we are confident we have delivered a truly interactive approach to practising and implementing learning in a collaborative environment that will really benefit the learner's progression."

The six week online programme includes weekly challenges completed as part of a team, with expert guidance from a QA Coach. Participants will be able to undertake the challenges with their cohort at a time that is suitable to their needs, delivering results on projects based on real-world scenarios. This interactive programme ensures active skills development and the implantation of AgilePM® practices in a risk free environment.

Simon Bryant, MD of Virtual Institutes at Proversity, commented, "Working with experts in professional development at QA, we have developed a groundbreaking experiential learning platform for professional development - the QA Impact Academy. The QA Impact Academy transforms the professional development experience from a classroom based 'chalk and talk' exercise to a fully online, immersive experience that,  through teamwork, weekly projects, and dedicated expert coaching, supports learners not just to understand their subject but also to practice, reflect on, and hone their professional skills and behaviours for use and impact in their workplace."

As the first Impact Academy to be launched, QA is extremely confident this reimagining of the online learning experience will raise the bar of effectiveness for delivering the next generation of business leaders.