Dolphin Forum

Scott Bradbury Explores Learning Trends for 2023

Cambridgeshire (UK), January 2023 – Digital learning services provider Scott Bradbury has launched its Dolphin Forum to provide a new networking opportunity for customers and consultant partners. The resource publisher recently hosted its first 'Dolphin Forum' to enable its customers, podcast guests, and video script writers to network and discuss trends for 2023.

"We realised our customers and content contributors are collectively an extremely valuable skills and knowledge resource, and that's how the Dolphin Forum was born. We are delighted to facilitate this unique networking opportunity," said Catherine de Salvo, Scott Bradbury’s Managing Director.

In the first Dolphin Forum meeting, held virtually 09 January 2023, participants agreed on the purpose and aims of the forum before exploring trends for 2023. Major themes for the coming twelve months were identified as

  • collaborative working
  • valuing face-to-face learning+
  • hybrid working management
  • curiosity
  • reducing staff turnover
  • addressing the needs of younger (under 30s) learners
  • dealing with shorter time attention spans.

Clients joined consultants, trainers, and L&D professionals in a lively webinar conversation, discussing challenges for the coming year. Budget pressures, succession planning, and staff turnover were prominent in people's minds. However, there was also a positive emphasis on collaborative relationships, developing the under-30s, and the value of face-to-face learning. 

The forum agreed that intelligent search and access to a personal learning library should be the way forward in 2023 to engage learners and promote learning that fits into the working day.

The phrase "performance rather than panic" was introduced for 2023 by Jo Cook from Lightbulb Moment, and the attraction of longer-length podcasts was proposed by Douglas Miller from Miller Learning.

The next meeting is scheduled for 27 March 2023 at 09.30, when agenda items include "engaging younger learners" and "overcoming distractions from learning".