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Second Set of "Pathway" eLearning Courses

Chris HorsemanGloucester (UK), May 2019 - Having gained CPD Certification Service approval for its Leadership Pathway series of eLearning courses, Engage in Learning has now seen the CPD Certification Service approve its series of coaching-related eLearning courses.

Each of the four courses that comprise the Engage in Learning Coaching Pathway takes between 20 and 40 minutes to complete. This enables learners to complete the whole Pathway in some two and a half hours.

Chris Horseman, Engage in Learning’s Managing Director, explained, "Successful leaders are successful coaches. Focusing specifically on coaching skills, these courses take leaders and managers on a journey towards helping them to grow a high-performance team. Among other things, our Coaching Pathway explains how effective business leaders can incorporate coaching into their leadership style and approach," he continued. “They set out an effective coaching model and explore appropriate coaching styles.

"The courses outline learner-centred techniques such as questioning and facilitation to ‘pull’ the coaching process forward and coach-centred behaviours, such as giving feedback to 'push' the coaching process forward," he added.

"We’re delighted that the eLearning materials that comprise our Coaching Pathway have sufficiently impressed the assessors from the CPD Certification Service that they’ve given their approval to them – as well as to the courses that comprise our Leadership Pathway."

The Engage in Learning courses that comprise the Coaching Pathway are

  • Leader as Coach - shows leaders how they can grow their team through effective coaching skills
  • Coaching Skills - describes the difference between a learner-centred and a coach-centred approach. It then explores how, using a careful mix of communication techniques, users can balance these approaches during a coaching session - mixing “telling” with helping learners work out their own solutions.
  • Using the Grow Model to Coach (1) – explains how to set effective and “SMART” goals when setting out to coach individual staff members. It also outlines how to establish a sound coaching relationship, using the “GROW” model strategy.
  • Using the Grow Model to Coach (2) – sets out how to use the GROW model to maintain momentum through the coaching process. It also explains how to overcome limiting beliefs and, also, to acknowledge success.

In approving these courses, the CPD Certification Service assessor described them as "informative" and with "clear navigation".