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simpleshow Launches AI-Powered Voice Synchronization

London (UK), October 2022 - simpleshow's explainer video platform's newest feature release introduces an intelligent timing engine that analyzes any voice to produce a perfectly synchronized video.

The explainer video platform simpleshow allows users to quickly and easily create animated explainer videos. With the introduction of the new language processing feature "Timing Engine", users don't have to worry about timing their voiceovers to match their videos. The smart technology aligns the timing of spoken voice and animations and works for all 20+ languages simpleshow's platform can transform into animated videos.

Karsten Böhrs, CEO of simpleshow, explains, "We are always looking for innovative ways to make video creation as easy as possible. Our simpleshow video maker users love being able to customize their videos with their own voices, and now their videos are perfectly synced without any extra work. The best part is that it works with every language that simpleshow offers, so we are able to offer this feature around the globe."

simpleshow is known for its smart platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to make the video creation process simple for users. The platform allows different ways to add voiceovers to videos, including using automated voices, recording scene by scene directly in the application, or uploading audio files recorded outside of simpleshow video maker. The timing engine works with all options, ensuring a seamless experience.