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Sponge, DVSA, and TSO Reinvent Driver Theory Training

Plymouth (UK), July 2021 - Sponge, a leading digital learning provider, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), and DVSA's official publishing partner, The Stationery Office (TSO), have launched a new and improved theory training solution for learner drivers, riders, and instructors.

The DVSA's Safe Driving for Life website has been transformed to include elements of the former DVSA Learning Zone. The new website and its theory training apply learning-science principles and are designed to help people pass their theory test and retain valuable knowledge throughout their driving or riding life.

The launch comes at a time when learners have had a particularly difficult year, with periods during which they have been unable to practise on the roads with driving instructors due to corona virus restrictions. Many have now resumed practising after the recent period of lockdown and are keen to progress and become safe and knowledgeable road users.

Easy to access and use via any device, the new Safe Driving for Life website contains fresh and original features to help drivers and riders pass their theory test, as well as a host of valuable information to support them throughout their entire driving or riding life. It also features free practice theory tests so that learners can familiarise themselves with the new material before purchasing an eLearning subscription.

Andy Shotton, Commercial Director at Sponge, said, "This is the only solution of its type based on learning science, and it allows access to theory test revision material for every vehicle type via any device with internet access. The user-friendly interface is designed to ease preparation for the official DVSA driving theory test.

"The system also understands how well a learner is progressing through their digital learning and focuses practice on those areas in which the learner did not do well, based on the principle of spaced repetition. It's been created to ensure learners gain the right type of knowledge and pass their theory test as efficiently as possible."

The Sponge solution features hazard awareness clips and road signs images, as well as the official theory test-revision banks for all vehicle types. These test the learners’ readiness to pass their theory test. The solution's algorithm also emulates how readiness deteriorates if the learner does not practise regularly.

Enabling learner and instructor interaction is another major feature of the new technology, providing the possibility to establish a connection between the learners and their instructor, parent, guardian, family member, or friend who is helping them to learn to drive or ride. This connection also allows the instructor to check a learner’s progress through the theory test eLearning modules and question bank.

Bill Pope from DVSA said, "This brand-new driving theory eLearning and practice programme will help increase the knowledge of learners and, along with the valuable work that driving instructors do, will result in safer drivers."

Lisa Daniels of TSO said, "We are delighted to have built such a major, impactful programme, which has the ultimate goal of contributing to safe driving on Britain's roads."