Stakeholder Collaboration Enhanced with simpleshow's New Comment Mode
Berlin (GER)/ London (UK), May 2023 - As most corporations practice collaborative content creation, the new simpleshow feature makes it quick and easy by allowing team members and third-party collaborators to provide feedback on explainer videos right on the platform.

The explainer video platform simpleshow is known for the simple creation of explainer videos with highly automated text-to-video technology. The new simpleshow comment mode feature enhances efficiency as it promotes seamless collaboration with real-time updates and feedback.

Sandra Boehrs, CMO of simpleshow, explains, "As remote work is now an established standard for most companies, it is critical that teams can simply and easily collaborate on projects. The vast majority of our clients have shared that their videos for internal and external communication purposes undergo internal reviews. Our new feature now seamlessly and efficiently allows for inclusive and consolidated feedback in a quick and easy way. We're confident this will make video creation time even faster and help teams produce video content even more effectively."

The latest release not only allows team members to comment and collaborate, but also enables them to invite third-party collaborators. This improvement in stakeholder communication ensures fast and easy approval of video projects. The new comment mode is simple and intuitive to use. Creators can invite their coworkers, who can click anywhere on the canvas of a video project or on a keyword and add feedback in real time. Comments can be easily navigated with search, filtered, and resolved.