Cyber Security Council

The Voice for the UK's Cyber Security Professions

London (UK), September 2021 - The UK Cyber Security Council, the self-regulatory body for the cybersecurity education and skills sector, has announced that it has begun accepting applications from organisations for membership. Any organisation with an interest in promoting, supporting, and developing the cybersecurity profession is encouraged to apply.

Member organisations will be able to nominate representatives with the relevant skills and experience to the Council's committees, which are the primary mechanisms through which the Council will deliver on its objectives around developing the profession.

Don MacIntyre, interim CEO for the UK Cyber Security Council, said, "professional standards, qualifications and careers, ethics, and diversity are the stand-out issues facing the profession and its practitioners. Businesses with an interest in cybersecurity will never have a better opportunity to influence the direction and development of these and other issues than to join the Council and getting involved".

The Council will focus on gathering views from the full breadth of the membership to inform activities and decisions. Accordingly, all member organisations will be encouraged to engage in the work of the Council through engagement mechanisms that will be put in place.

"It is only through building an actively engaged community of members that the Council will be able to speak as the representative voice for the UK's cybersecurity profession. With every new membership, our voice becomes clearer, louder, and increasingly more difficult to be ignored", explained MacIntyre.

In accordance with its remit, the Council's committees will focus on the core activities of professional standards, qualifications and careers, ethics, and diversity. Members will be able to nominate representatives once their applications are approved and completed.