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thirst LXP Launches in Partnership with Anders Pink

Manchester (UK), January 2022 - A brand-new learning experience platform has been launched by bespoke learning platform creators BuildEmpire. Partnering with leading content curators is Anders Pink, who will curate content from thousands of sources, while thirst targets the content specifically to each user's profile.

Supporting organisations in their desire to enable growth and learning, thirst acts as a partner for all businesses that support and encourage the development of their team, without the long contracts and large expenses of a traditional learning platform.

Created to support the continued personal growth and development of each individual, thirst empowers all users to undertake and control their own learning journey by using advanced AI and machine learning technologies to present items of learning content specific to their individual interests and skills.

Through its advanced recommendation engine, thirst surfaces the latest and widest range of relevant learning content, personalised to all users every time they visit the platform.

thirst can work alongside an existing learning management system or as a standalone learning experience platform, as it also allows organisations to upload their own learning content for any mandatory team training.

Chief Executive Officer of BuildEmpire and thirst, Fred Thompson, said, "To achieve our vision, to make learning accessible to everyone, we've built an innovative, personalised, and elegant platform that people will actually want to use. With community-based learning, tacit knowledge sharing and game-changing analytics, it is important that we partner with those who share our vision and can add true value.

"As a result, we're so excited to be partnered with Anders Pink, the leaders in learning-content curation, who can further enhance our transformative learning platform."

Anders Pink are leaders in the field of content curation within the learning and development sector. The company works with organisations to provide skills-based content for their staff through their range of articles in limitless subjects and topics. This allows organisations to upskill and/or re-skill their workforce without the need for their own training content.

Managing Director of Anders Pink, Michelle Hazelton, said, "We're so excited to be partnering with thirst to provide content for this new and exciting LXP. We've had a great working relationship with Fred for many years now, sharing insights and trends from across the sector, so it just made sense to work together on thirst. The fusing of the platform with our content will add massive value for users, as the content is there and ready to go immediately."

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, the standardised workplace environment has shifted heavily.  As hybrid working becomes more commonplace and job roles evermore focused on skill sets, decision makers are opting to upskill their current workforce, rather than employ. This has led to learning and development soaring across all sectors of employment.

Thompson continues, "Now is the perfect time to be launching thirst. It's not only employers that are seeking the benefits of learning and development; employees are looking to be challenged and develop new skills, too, and they want this as part of their working life.

thirst will allow employers and employees to learn their own way, putting their individual interests and skills front and centre. Not only does this make them more likely to engage with the content, it also allows for better job retention, a highly skilled team and career progression."

The combination of thirst and Anders Pink will create a new form of learning experience platform that puts the user's needs first.