Towards Maturity

Technology-Enabled Ethics and Compliance Training

London (UK), November 2015 - Towards Maturity has announced the findings of a new study sponsored by SAI Global, which found that despite an environment of record regulatory enforcements and personal liability for senior executives, most organisations are still applying a check-box approach to ethics and compliance training and failing to achieve the business goals they set out. This raises serious considerations for companies as they implement their programmes, with ethics and compliance failures continuing to dominate headlines.


To act as a catalyst for improvement, the study, "Excellence in Compliance Training: Creating a Culture of Compliance", investigated what Higher Achievers – the organisations largely achieving their goals – do differently than Lower Achievers, providing information for the industry about what approaches are delivering the best business results.

Key findings from the research include the following:

  • Nine in ten compliance professionals are looking to improve business impact, get the right people in place, and improve the processes of talent and performance management, but only two in ten are largely achieving these goals.
  • Top barriers to success include the time to deliver and build quality, relevant, and global learning content.
  • Across a sample of over 5,000 learners, 26% reported that uninspiring learning content was a major barrier to their learning online.
  • Some 38% of organisations have an internal communications plan to engage stakeholders (compared to 36% in 2013). Another 34% send regular reminders to remind staff to apply learning in context.