Special Edition

eLearning Papers 2012 - Opening Learning Horizons

Brussels (BE), April 2012 - The 2012 Special Edition of eLearning Papers is now available for download on the eLearning Papers website. It is published by eLearningeuropa.info, a European Commission initiative supporting the transformation of education through technology.

The 2012 issue presents a selection of the best contributions of 2011 about Open Educational Resources, Virtual Learning Environments and Creative Classrooms. The six "In-depth" and five -œFrom the field- articles include titles such as

  • The Language Campus: Role-Play in an eLearning Environment
  • Scaffolding Student Learning Designers with Social Media
  • AVATAR - The Course: Recommendations for Using 3D Virtual Environments for Teaching
  • Creating Invitational Online Learning Environments Using Art-Based Learning Interventions.

The pdf of the 2012 Special Edition can be
downloaded here.

Educationalists looking for a space to collaborate and debate with authors or who are simply seeking to share their common interest in a topic are invited to join or propose a community on the elearningeuropa.info portal.

Users of the portal can view relevant content related to their topic of interest, as well as propose and share content from the portal based on their expertise and post to the community blog for members to comment on and discuss.

eLearning Papers also has its own group on LinkedIn. It brings together academics, researchers and practitioners in the field of eLearning, new learning environments, and creative classrooms.