Social Networks

EU Language Project "aPLanet"

Istanbul (TR), January 2012 - The Autonomous "Personal Learning Networks" for Language Teachers is a European Union-funded project to help language educators who are not yet using social networks to understand what social networks for language educators are, why they should use them, and how they can get involved.

The project helps language teachers join and use the Internet Personal Learning Network (PLN) on social networks (SNs). Today PLNs support thousands of educators in their teaching practice. By showing the language educators how to use a PLN, this project aims to bring about a sea change in the way target audience uses ICT.

The project team will carry out research into existing PLNs and Social networks to understand how they operate. They will review and report on the information and produce videos and documents. As output, workshops and teacher guides will be produced for educators.

The project will also build a mentoring system to support the introduction of PLNs to educators. The mentors will be prepared and available online on a one-to-one basis for teachers who want to create their own PLN.

Language educators will be shown

  • why and how to use identified SNs (technical and teacher guides, videos)
  • what resources and support are available within a PLN (resource templates, workshops, guides, diaries)
  • how they can build their own PLN through a mentoring system provided by existing expert users who are language educators just like them (websites, mentoring system, workshops, guides).

The system will be extensively piloted through the Associate partners, 140 institutions from 33 countries that have already joined the project. Resources will be available in Bulgarian, Czech, Greek, Spanish, English, Romanian, Turkish, German, French, and Italian.

Educators can join the project either as piloting educators (testing the resources and mentoring system), resource providers, or by mentoring new educators who want to use social networks.